Trading in the GT and all it's problems, getting a Mach 1

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  1. That machs a beauty...I just dont like the Mach lettering in the Shaker, the Blue pony emblem, & Im not a fan of the louvers, but they dont look bad. definately has been lowered too...Thats a good buy....
  2. That Mach is awesome, keep the louvers and for God's sake put stock rims back on it and get rid of those crap azz rims.
  3. Well, I talked to the guy today, he said that someone was coming to buy it tomorrow, but if he doesn't show he'll give me a call. I actually like the rims, every other car I've seen smoothies on I've hated 'em. I probably wouldn't change much of anything, just add my Triax and subwoofer, and then just do more upgrades, but I don't think I'd remove anything on there if I get it.
  4. I just found this one listed for $22K with 21k miles:
    This is a Next to New, Flawless 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Limited Production!! This Vehicle is Not for the Faint at Heart! Its Equipped with a H.O V8, Procharger Supercharger System, Short Throw 6 Speed, SLP Exhaust System, Drilled and Slotted Upgraded Brakes Rotors, Carbonfiber Hood and too Much More to List!! Act Quickly and Drive Home Happy!!

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    I'm thinking maybe swap back to a stock front bumper, get a quieter catback, and go...

    My worries are what is the tune like, what are the engine internals like, is there chassis stiffening? I'd have to think anyone doing all of that, like adding a T56, would have done it right...
  5. I would pass on that last one :notnice: if it is so great and they put all those fabulous mods in it then why sell? Plus who knows if the mods were professionally installed. The G-Tech right on the dash screams "I have been rode hard and put away wet, many times!"
  6. Is that a G Tech? I thought it was like a control for a sound system of some kind. I never paid much attention to those Gtech things, They seem pretty lameass IMO. I'm gonna call tomorrow, see what they know about the car. I mean, if they have all kinds of info on a shop that did the work, forged internals, etc..., it might be worth a look. I'm very skeptical, and I'm the type to build my own car because then I know it was done right, but it's something worth looking into. I'm still hoping the guy in MD calls me tomorrow and says the car deal fell through, so I can have my guys swoop in and score the first one there. That car looks like it's been pampered.
  7. Uh, maybe it is a satellite radio... Not sure I guess :shrug:

    Still would not buy it :notnice:
  8. Is it a reputable car? I almost think it might be a bit much for what I want, but then again, I'm sure I could adapt to that power. The only thing I'm not loving is the 4.10s. I'd rather have stock 3.55s back there or something for more daily drivablility. The problem is that any car I get is a DD all year round, including winter time.
  9. I looked into that guy's posts, seems the car was hit pretty hard. He did a nice job fixing it up, and it seems like a potent piece, but I don't know if I want to have a repaired and totally modded car.
  10. satellite radio

    and that was a crazy deal for that not an azure fan though...its a hot color and all to see...just dont think id like driving it every day, personally.

    replace that p1sc with a d1sc and crank 20 pounds of boost :D
  11. Haha, I dunno if I want that kind of power. My only irk is why the car was sold. It's a nice piece, why get rid of it? And I wonder if there are any lingering effects from the accident it had. It would suck to get into a car that nice and it doesn't even drive straight.
  12. that's what i was thinking. i actually contemplated trading my ab for that one, but then i was like 'why do all that work and get rid of it by trading it in'. lol what happened to grey???
  13. I still like DSG alot, but the AB has grown on me alot, and my girl likes it. That first AB car with the louvers is what turned me, I love that look like the old Boss 429.
  14. sweet, so buy mine so i can get a terminator :D
  15. AB is def the best Mach color, like the first one minus all the chrome.
  16. No offense dude, but your car isn't doing it for me. I am a 100% black rims hater, and the missing hood stripe kills me. I'm sure you'll see it no problem though. I'm waiting to hear if my dealership gets a response on that procharged 04. I talked to the prior owner this morning, his reason for selling it was that he was moving to Cali and knew the car would either not pass emissions there or get his balls broken every day by the po-po. He said the car has no issues at all, and is a total beast when you unleash it. I knida wish I could have had my guys get it direct from him at the 19k price tag, rather than have this new dealer in the middle, but we'll see if they can get something worked out. I'd love to see the guys at NEBOCs face when I pull up in that thing rather than my 04 that I just debuted last time we met lol.
  17. cool, but if the procharged doesnt work out i can always put the stocks wheels/tires back on and sell it for less. hood sticker is not expensive at all and a lot of mach 1 owners get them replaced or removed and painted anyways due to the ease in which theyre scratched.
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