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  1. Hey guys, i know this is :OT: but i figured being i own a 2003 dark shadow grey GT its ok.. haha.. but anyway it getting to be spring/summer here in wisconsin and im getting ready to pull out my 87 GTA vert, but i was curious to know if anybody has any modding ideas for the little 305 that could, it is an auto, but im going to put an exhaust on probably dronemasters but i dont know anyother companies that make exhausts for that car... but i also want to do some minor upgrades being im putting a ton of money in the stang.. being i dont really know that much about the 305.. so any help would be great..

    Thanks guys
  2. it is a small block chevy.. you can buy a cam from wal mart for christ sake lol.
    anything that applies to the 350 pretty much applies to it. the header/exhaust is all the same.
  3. I wouldnt do anything as you will need a ton of money to make it fast and really worth it. Now if you just want to blow money and mod it a bit, then feel free.
  4. honestly, my buddy had an '87 305 IROC and it sounded like total trash with flows on it. Of course, his car was a piece of crap and had compression loss in multiple cylinders but I still have yet to hear a good sounding stock tune port engine. Of course, if you built the hell out of the thing that would be a different story. If it's in good condition, leave it stock bc nice 80's Firebirds and Camaros are really hard to come by these days
  5. Drop ZZ572:hail2: and be done with! Separate your self from Mullet croud:D

    But seriously, You can buy crate motor thats putting out something like 300hp cheap. GM performance Parts 350HO crate motor is like 330hp/380ft-lb, and its like $2200 from Summit. It take hell of alot more then $2200 to make 4.6 to make 330hp/380ft-lb
    Cams, headers, heads, you'll be over 450hp easy.

    Small block Chevys parts choice is limitless... When will I ever be able to say that about my 4.6?!
  6. ZZ4 crate motor, ditch the 305
  7. I wouldnt wast my money building a 305.Drop a nice built 350 in there.Are make you a 383..Chevy small blocks are fun to play with and so cheap to build and parts are everywhere.But with any built motor you will want to build up your drivetrain so dont forget about that..Have fun with that car I would love to have something like that to play with on the side.
  8. i had a 305 in it with a flowmaster and it sounded like crap, go for a 350tuned port or maybe 383 and put tuned port on it.
  9. hey guys thanks for the info so far.. yeah the funny thing is i really dont know that much about it, i know that becuase its a vert its fairly rare.. how rare i dont know, but yeah i was thinking about the zz4 crate motor, but i was thinking just a few mods to the 305 tpi to sport it up a little, being that im trying to save for a KB for the stang amongst other things... and as far as the drones does anybody else know of any companies that make descent mufflers for these cars, ive been to spintech, borla,bassani, and slowmaster.. but i dont know i dont want to pay a fortune for something that is really going to only be driving on the super nice days.. ha and yes the mullet is growing as we speak. haha
  10. sell it and use money to get that kb:nice:
  11. zz4 is my vote...or 385 fastburn...i thought GTA's only came in a 350. oh well. learn something new everyday.
  12. I wish I could drop ZZ4 in my T/A
  13. yeah i had thought about selling the car at one point in time, but i basically got it for free, it was in storage for the last 4 years, started a couple of times a month, but yeah turns over just fine and still runs great, just needs a tune up and should be ok, my sister went to wyotech and redid the interior for me, recovered all the seats, door panals etc, now im just putting it back together, only downfall is all the electircal junk, being it has the digital dash electric trunk, electric top motor, ha power everything, i cant wait till all that starts going and troubleshooting begins haha..
  14. I think in those years, it was the Formula T/A that got the 350. I was looking at one for a while but the guy was asking way too much for it (I know, awesome story)
  15. ^ verts and T-top cars got the 305, hardtops got the 350. Put that baby on ebay for an un-godly amount and see what the bid goes up to. Those are very rare indeed.