Trans Am vs Drag Raceing

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  1. hey, this is the last one like this i promise:

    I really like Drag Racing- its sorta what got me into cars and all that but i also REALLY like Trans Am racing. I won't bother suger coating this or explaining it all to you guys because i know you guys already know about them. at least i hope so.

    So what are your OPINONS on the two? which to would think i should go for? i got a 1967 coupe.

    (basicly drag racing built for drag racing, and trans am built for trans am racing (lots of revs and really good handling)

    PS. only thing i already got 80% of all my engine parts and its made for higher rpms.
  2. personally i prefer road racing, like trans am, as you have to do everything, accelerate, brake, steer, shift, several times per lap for many laps. drag racing you only have to accelerate and decelerate once each "lap". if you build the car for raod racing, you need only make a few changes to do well on the drag strip. howver you wont do as well heads up against a similar car built primarily for drag racing.
  3. Road racing rules in my opinion. Like rbohm said you get to do everything. I think that the 1/4 mile is just to short a trip. Sure you get to smell tires burning but I just think road racing would be a lot more fun and challenging. If only there was a road track near lubbock. :rolleyes:
  4. hey jikelly, so you're from lubbock too, huh? i'm with you on the road course thing i wish we had one around here to. guess we'll just have to find someplace out in the country and build our own huh? hey what model stang do you have? i have a 69 gt coupe that is nowhere close to being road ready yet, but it's getting there. give me a shout sometime
  5. car is nice and light..... make it light and fast.

    in the turns or straight,it takes money no matter which way you look at it!
  6. You might find this link very informative. Probably the easiest way to get into open tracking. Open tracking is waaay more of a blast than drag racing. I even prefer auto crossing to drag racing.
  7. Yes, before I retired after last season I ran with the NASA group. Great bunch of guys and great drivers.

    They have a great "open track" group called HPDE. Check it out.

  8. See link in my post above :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    RETIRED????? Man, it sounded like you were having so much fun. Why are you retiring (if you don't mind me askin) ?
  9. I told the family I would slow down a bit when I hit the age of 55. I am there. The retirement involves active participation in a race series. It does not mean the end of track time for me and the old girl. I fully expect future open track events and perhaps even a race or two. Have all the major road courses East of the Mississippi except for Mid Ohio, Road American and Lime Rock and I want the old girl to experience those before "full" retirement.

    Hope to get those tracks and a couple on the West coast before the funeral.

  10. thanks for all the replys, i just have a few things to add.

    i live in new brunswick canada, and there are no tracks what so ever here, infact the only thing is a drag strip about 2 hours away doing the speed limit.

    So i will be mostly be doing a lot of.. lets call it "open street" if you catch my drift. Any changes in opinons?
  11. Turning Corners

    I too started with Drag Racing, but eventually found Road Racing.

    I've done many open track events over the last 15 years, and now almost have my SCCA license. It's a much more demanding sport, and requires a different kind of car, much more robust and athletic.

    I still love Drag Racing, though most of my heros are long retired (Dyno Don), and still will make a pass when the opportunity arises, but repeated laps of turning and braking is tons more fun, and teaches you plenty for mundane street driving.

    Also, the current Resto-Mod movement centers on Road-Racing car style and design cues. the Pro-Street / Drag Racing craze passed on many years ago.
  12. Do yourself a favor and keep it at the track. Specialy if you are still learning to race your car we don't want to hear you coming on here in a few weeks telling us about how you wrecked your classic. (don't mean to sound like an ass but we don't need any more wrecked classics!) That being said. Get into SCCA or autocrossing. Find a club or organization that does it locally, Its not open track but its a very good start. Me and a friend are currently going this route. We raced a few times last season and are hooked. Where building ourselves a full time track car now for autox and hopefully we can take it to a open track event eventually.