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  1. why wont ford come up with a car that compares to the 5.7 ltr ?
  2. go ahead take this off,but really try to answer the question. Dont get me wrong but why ????
  3. why ?

    my buddy .....lets just call him don for now but i always kick his 4.6.... i just dont get it ???? lol
  4. do you mean a n/a car with larger displacement than the 4.6 Ford uses? If you want something power wise just get the Cobra. I need some help with what you are asking for? Is it time to stir the pot?. IMHO, the 5.7 is a great engine with plenty of power but I don't see where the Cobra is lacking.
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    By the way, has anyone went to a Pontiac dealership lately? I haven't seen too many Trans Am's there. They must be all sold out...or no longer in production...

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  8. you ford guys never give a straight answer.....oh well i guess ill go out and shred more stangs.............hahahahaha
  9. face it...the last of the good stangs were the 70s......trans am never lost its edge....mustang 2 what a joke that was..
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  12. whats your serious thoughts on the trans am...94 and up ?
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  14. Dude! If the Trans Am never lost it's "edge" why is it discontinued? I will give the F-Body's respect where they deserve it (remember I currently own a Pontiac) but do you really think they have been that strong? Did you forget those horrible V8's GM was producing between '81 - '92?

    And why are you on here? Isn't there an F-body site where you and all your buddies can trash cars that you know nothing about?
  15. 94-97 (i think 97 was the last year of that body style) sucks balls, but i like the98+ years, they look a little big and when i drove them i wasnt all that impressed. But i like them, just not enough to buy one.

  16. they stopped production of the trans am for the corvette.....i guess ford didnt stand a chance from both sides.....
  17. I absolutely love the 2004 Trans Am...

  18. im on here because i own a mustang......2000...4.6 ltr.
  19. They probably discontinued those as well :shrug: