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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by trans am, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. :lol: They stopped for the Corvette??? Why the hell would you say that? Do you think that GM didn't want to have two high performing, high selling cars in it's inventory...oh wait a minute...they didn't sell too well did they...sorry.
  2. terrific introduction for yourself

  3. i like to hear both sides thats all.
    ford has to come up with a great car.they have lacked that.the 2005 ???
    i say scrap the whole retro stang thing .hey i know lets bring back Mr.Shelby he might help......
  4. Dude, you already blew your chance. Leave.
  5. sorry to bust your bubbles guys but facts are facts....see you on the strip........
  6. And learn how to type.
  7. The fact is, you're a d**k.
  8. the fact is your annoying, go away.
  9. It's one thing to want to hear both sides. It's another thing entirely to come onto a Mustang posting board and start slamming the cars that so many of these people own. If you took some time to learn from these people you would learn just how powerful that 4.6L you have can be.

    Sure the old saying, "there's no replacement for displacement" has it's merits, but your logic has the same of some Viper guy going on an F-body site and saying, "boy how do you guys do it with only 8 cylinders?"

    It's all in your approach. Had you come on here and said that you now own a '00 GT and wanted to hear some opinions on why you thought Ford has never increased their displacement on the Stangs to compete with the F-body's, you may have had a better reception.

    Now you will have to work twice as hard for anyone to ever want to listen to you... It's too bad.
  10. He does'nt own a mustang. He's just fishing.He goes to all the sports car websites and post's the same thing. I tracked his I.P address, and its coming from the neverland ranch
  11. I believe the actual saying you were looking for is "burst your bubbles." Secondly I would actually love to see you drag against some of the machines on here...

    What some of these guys have for cars is pretty scary AND they know how to drive them too.
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  13. the t/a can neva lose :hail2: :hail2:
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  15. Or we could just bite a car from the Aussie's and call it a GTO :rolleyes:

    Go Away your Unwanted[​IMG]
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  17. Man, this guy would have been better off walking into a den of hungry bears with his little peepee hanging out then walking in here with this attitude...
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  19. Maybe he likes it.
    he's at home wack'n it right now[​IMG]