trans cooler install write up for the 4r70w

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  1. here is a quick write up for doing a trans cooler on a automatic stang with the 4R70w.

    The return line on this is the top line on the radiator.just to clear that up...

    Here is the kit i bought it's the B&M transcooler with everything on it except the correct fitting for the return line adapter the trans kit #is 70264

    you will need to buy additional trans cooler hose from the auto parts store


    Ok so first off i raised the car high enough to get the clearance to remove the trans pan and drain the fluid and replace the filter, that way the new trans cooler setup would run on new fluid. After that was done i replace the filter and placed the pan back and torqued the bolts to spec. After i removed the battery and relocated the coolant bottle but i did not disconnect any of the coolant lines there is no need to the radiator fan will also have to be removed and the coolant hose was removed from the radiator to remove the fan. I also removed the black trim piece that holds the prop rod to make thing more convinient. In some of the pics you will see that i also removed the front bumper along with the lighting assembly part of teh convinience deal.

    Here in theis pic i used the fitting that comes in the kit that connects to the radiator, but the fitting to the trans line will not fit and if you don't want to cut the line you will need to buy these fitting from home depot it worked for me and there is no leakage

    the fittings are a 1/4 female coupling and a 1/4in. with a 3/8 barbyou can kinda see from the pic..

    i routed the lines to clear everything and making sure that they didn't have any sharp bends to them like so...
    the yellow arrow show the line going from the radiator to the B&M cooler

    the blue arrow shows the line going from the B&M cooler to the trans return line

    This is how it looks finished sorry for the bad pic but you can kinda see how it is set-up

    here is another pic of the set-up at the radiator


    Here is 2 pics from how it will look like in front of the condenser with the lines attached


    After install i refilled the trans with fluid, placing everything back I checked for leaks and fotunately i didn't get any while running the car checked the level it was ok and after 2-3 hours of install with a few interuptions i finished my trans cooler. so what you guys think of my write up any questions just ask me and i'll try and help out as much as possible. :nice:

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  2. Nice writeup, do you have a temp gauge? If so what was the average temp before the cooler install and after cooler install? I'd like to know how well that cooler works.
  3. no i dont i am going to get one though but the car runs better and it takes a while longer for the coolant temp gauge to move or even get to the normal operating range but i'll try and get some numbers for you
  4. Awsome writeup man! Very well put together..and love the pics :D But I dont have a auto lol. They will probably refrence this is that tech sticky.
  5. Very nice this is going to be alot of help for me when i do my trans cooler..
  6. Thanks alot good info!
  7. thanks alot :nice: :SNSign:
  8. Thanks for the info, I'll be installing mine when I take it out of storage and this will help bigtime.
  9. 03ghost, you've earned a place in the Tech sticky. :nice:
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    :banana: yay sticky thread :D :SNSign:
  11. good writeup man. i put a b&m cooler on mine to but i messed with cutting the lines and man cay you say pain in the butt.
  12. Weird mounting location based on the pics. In any case, good job doing one of few mods that actually help make your car last LONGER. :nice:
  13. ok guys i have some temp numbers on the tranny i know for a fact before it would be over 200* now it averages between 165-190*, the temp goes down alot in the highway and in the streets its between 180-190* so i say it's a real good mod for the auto. I monitored it through my diablo sport well my friend was looking at the temp. :nice:
  14. nice post. :nice:
  15. Fitting for trans cooler

    As most of you may already know, the fittings that come with the FRPP trans cooler (and, as I understand the B&M cooler) do not fit! After a lot of search I found a fitting at Summit Racing, # DER-13024 ($7.99). Installed it today and it works! BTW, on my car (2001 GT) the return line is really 3/8 and not 5/16 as some have claimed in this forum...
  16. Good job, but you really should stand that up parallel to the radiator for maximum cooling.
  17. Here's the cooler I got.


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  18. thats a nice sleek looking trans cooler
  19. is there a certain size i should look for or should i go with my bigger is better instincts?