Trans Go Or Baumann

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  1. Looking to do a shift kit for my stock AOD in my 91 vert. Both of these companies seem to have a good reputation. Has anyone used either of these kits? If so how was your experience ?

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  2. When my Stang had an AOD, I had a Trans Go shift kit in mine. It worked great. Not super hard shifts under normal throttle but it would chirp the tires when I got on it. It was the shift kit the trans shop I would go to recommended. I would recommend it also.
  3. Great until overdrive stopped working, lol. I've used the Transgo kit as well but HCI and the stock AOD did not last long
  4. What firmness shift was it set for?

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  5. I am not sure, I had the trans shop I had mentioned do the install for me.
  6. That's odd. A good shiftkit should help an AOD, as it stops slippage and heat. Were you a fan of the 1-D-1 shuffle?
  7. it was an issue with the tv cable adjustment more than anything. C4 really fixed it up nice though :cool:
  8. Yep.. that will fry an AOD in short order. When it comes time to modify my AOD, i'm going with a silverfox VD with constant pressure. Problem solved.

    I'd do a C4 but I kind of like the OD.
  9. Whats a VD (in car terms)? The 400 I have has a transgo kit, not sure if it's a problem I'll need to look at
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  10. pretty sure he means vB....valve body.

    fwiw, ive also been looking into this since im about 90% sure im taking the t5 back out of mine and rebuilding the stock aod sitting in my shed. ive seen alot more about the transgo than the bauman in my searches, but most everything i find is from like 2006 or earlier.
  11. Kinda figured that much, but since I consider an auto trans to be a black box of voodoo, I wasn't sure.

    FWIW, I got my trans from my buddy, he ran it for a while and loved the transgo shift kit. It's got all the parts to adjust the firmness of the shifts and such.

  12. LOL... yes valve BODY.. I don't need VD.... :scratch:.. What I meant was you can replace the entire valve body instead of just a shift kit and not have to worry about the crappy TV cable and its inherent failure problems.
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  13. I used the bauman for AOD`s and transgo for C4`s
  14. Bought the Transgo AOD-HP kit.. We will see how it goes.

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  15. Good luck! We expect a full report...
  16. Hopefully get the kit in the mail today and get it installed over the weekend..what kind of fluid goes in the aod? I haven't gotten that yet, guess I better do that today.

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  17. Will the tv cable need adjusted after the shift kit is installed? I want to make sure this is done correctly... Not ready to swap my t-5 in yet..:)

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  18. I've been running a Transgo kit for roughly 8 years with no real problems. As you can see the car is mostly stock so it's not as if the tranny is under much pressure. I didn't install the kit but I told them I wanted the middle setting in terms of firmness. Shifting under normal driving is somewhat abrupt but not jarring. Like most things you get used to it. At WOT though it's all worth it. The thing absolutely pounds second gear at just above 5k rpms.

    One issue I have is that the 2nd-3rd shift hangs a bit. If I want it to shift right on time I have to lift the throttle just slightly.
  19. Ha! VD.. I'm kinda looking into the silverfox VB, not the constant pressure but the spt1. The description says one can adjust shift points in 800 rpm incraments via a screw on the vb. I'm not quite understanding this really since I thought shift points in the aod were controlled by the TV pressure. I'm not much of a tranny guy at all, its all foregin to me. But I do hear that Tranny's have VD. Oh one more thing, do y'all think the entry level silverfox or any for that matter are worth the 270 bucks? I mean after all all they are are a tweaked used stocker. One could buy a pa street/strip for a little cheaper or for a good deal cheaper you could buy a shift kit and put it in your vb yourself. Would it not be the same thing? I don't have any experience w his product or know anyone who does so I'm not bashing it I'm just curious. The reviews on other forums say its pretty good,(save for one I've read) but I haven't read where someone had a cheaper shift kit and then switched to the silverfox and said that the fox blew the transgo outta be water for example. They were only comparing it to a worn stocker. Oh and allegedly the silverfox comes from the "factory" set to shift at 5800 from 1st-2nd
  20. Did your trans shift right above 5k wot before the shift kit?