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  1. Question about aftermarket transmission pan for automatic trans: Is there any advantage to these besides being equipped with a drain? I see that some of them are larger and hold 2 quarts that a problem with ground clearance on lowered stangs? How much does the larger pan hang down? I will probably be buying the B&M pan when I get around to installing my trans temp gauge. I want the convienence of the drain and will be mounting my gauge sender in the pan so i thought the extra depth would minimize any conflict with the sensor mounting. But as I said, I'm concerned about ground clearance.
    If anyone has one of these I'd be interested in hearing from you and/or seeing pics.
  2. To the best of my knowledge, aftermarket transmission pans do not increase fluid capacity. Only the ease of draining through the drain plug and the improvement of looks. B&M is a good brand though so if you go with them, all should be well.

    EDIT: There shouldnt be a problem with ground clearance either.
  3. Actually, quite a few of them add 2 qts to the capacity. This is the B&M one I'm considering:
    They show the same part number for the AODE and the that right? Would the same pan fit both??

  4. Ok. I just now looked at that pan. It says its for the Ford AODE and 4r70w automatic so yes, it would work. It looks pretty deep too but I dont think it should cause any ground clearnance problems. Are you running aftermarket springs and if so, how much lower are you to the ground than stock ?
  5. Finned aluminum pans supposedly help control oil temps but I don't know if it would be worth it on your's
  6. I'm running the stock suspension for now, but will be going with Steeda Sport Springs in the near future.

    I hear what you're saying about it not being worth it, especially for a street car. I'm considering it for the drain plug and mounting the temp sensor. Also, I figured since the pan is off anyway i might as well just replace it and also slip a TransGo shift kit in there, too.

  7. 01PonyGT:

    The 2 quarts are beneficial. More circulating volume means lower a lower temperature as well as lower concentration of suspended "stuff".

    Consider an auxillary cooler, too. Stacked plate coolers are preferred over finned tube type.

    As for the shift kit, run a search and you will find tons of posts. IMHO the Jerry mod is the way to go. You can read all about it and much more in the articles he wrote posted in the Tech Articles/Transmission seciton of
  8. Be sure not to go anymore than a 2in. drop or you'll have problems with the pan hitting.

    I see what youre saying. BTW, skip the trans-go shift kit. Not a good idea. Some guys have been having problems with them blowing their transmissions. Get the Jerry mod shift kit or a new vavle body. You'll be glad you did in the future.