1. I have a 93 gt with a 5 speed trans and was wondering if a trans from a 87 gt would swap right in?
  2. Yes it will.. Although the 93 trans may be the stronger world class t5 you'll have to check the tags

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13

  3. They are both World Class T-5's.

    But you are right. 85-89 was rated at 275 ft-lbs and the 90-93 was rated at 300 ft-lbs.
  4. 3rd gear breaks just as easy in both..ask me how I know.. Lol
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  5. Oh yeah...both trans will snap behind a stock 5.0
  6. Don't waste your money on a g force either... Broke 3rd in one of those too with just 300rwhp.. Maybe I'm just hard on my car, dunno