Drivetrain Trans Tail Housing Installation Need Help Badly

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  1. i removed the tail housing off the end of my 94 mustang 5.0 5 speed because the bering was gone and upon renstalling the tail housing got it all back together except for the shifter and found it had fallen into gear somehow now i cant get it back to netural. how do i get it back to netural? the hole where the pin goes through is facing towards the driver- so im guessing its in Revurse or 5th i think. please help. i tried pushing the clutch in and moving it. im stumped.
  2. The shift rod has a forward, a neutral, and and an aft position. You need to move the rod into the neutral position. I assume you pulled all the roll pins out to get the rear housing off. You can usually move the rod with an all through the hole where the roll pin goes. The rod selects the fork with rotation, but when it goes into the neutral (center) position, it will rotate back to the center position. If you can get the roll pin with the angle it's at, then you can put it in neutral with the shifter. You can go to this website and download the oem manual for free in PDF. It's the second download on the list. It will give you a better idea on the functionality of the transmission. Manuals

  3. hi so i got the roll pin back in and the shifter assembled and i go to shift it and all it does is go 1st to 2nd. i cant get it to move back and fourth in the neutral or into any other gears. what did i do wrong its about to head to the tranny shop if i cant figure this out.
  4. Is the pin kind of half way out and blocking it?

  5. i got it figured out the syrnco shaft was pushed in. and wasnt allowing it to fall into the other gears thanks for your help