SN95 Trans Thoughts?

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  1. I'm interested in knowing what's the point of a "'built 347" with ~400rwhp if you intend on babying it all the time? If you are truly going to baby it constantly I'd not waste anymore money and toss the T5 behind it as is...
  2. I want a 347 because I want one that's all. Lol it needs a new motor and I want power that's respectable. I just want it.
  3. Ahh I see. I knew there was a distinction, but wasn't exactly sure.
  4. I don't blame you for checking up on the info I gave you already and hearing it from multiple sources. I have AFR 205s on my 331, and there is no issue on the street. Just cam it right. You won't need a big one.
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  5. That is NOT what she said...:rlaugh:
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  6. Im prob goung to go with the setup you were talking about. Sucks the 205s are so expensive I looked into the afr205s and they were over 2 grand. Is it worth the extra buck over the 185s?
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  7. I couldn't tell you that. I only told you the way I would build a 347 if I built another one. I've had AFR165s, and 205s, but not 185s. Is an AFR205 too much head on a 347? Absolutely not.
  8. Never enough head....:rlaugh:
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  9. :pop: Everybody has jokes @ :SN:
  10. need more head
  11. I'd check out the new TFS heads. 190cc or 205cc and they look like they flow some big numbers.
  12. Equally good IMO.
  13. TFS for the win!! I just love them!