Transferrable Parts Between 2008 3v And 2002 2v

Brandon Terry

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Sep 23, 2017
Hey guys, I was wondering what you could swap over from a 2008 manual 4.6 3-valve to a 2002 manual 4.6 2-valve. Recently was given a wrecked 3V with all mechanical functions still working. The main questions I have is, could I put the 08 transmission into my 02, they are both TR3650, But his does have the hydraulic clutch, just not sure if the bell housing and all is the same pattern. Also the 08 has 3.73 rear end gears, would that be able to be swapped into my my 02? The 08 also has headers, is the manifold bolt pattern the same between the two? Could I put the headers on the 02? Let me know what you guys think, or just what parts in general are transferrable between the two cars, they are similar but I know are differnt. Thanks, any information on any parts at all that are the same would be appreciated, Thanks.


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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Let's see if we can start to tackle this.

Rear end: The gears themselves will transfer but the whole rear end will not. IMO you should consider this carefully as by time one tore up a perfectly good rear end to get some parts out of it the labor involved would exceed the price of the parts. IMO you should consider selling the rear end and buy a 3.73 rebuild get for the car you have. In the end it's likely going to be cheaper and it will certainly be less effort.

Transmission: Any modular transmission will bolt up to any modular motor. So the transmission will bolt up to the 2V SOHC motor. However, expect problems with the tail shaft and drive shaft length since the 2005+ model year uses a very different drive shaft design. Recommend doing your homework. Not "plug and play".

Exhaust: The 3V has a different exhaust pattern than the 2V. So any exhaust manifold for the 3V motor will not fit on the 2V motor.

Motor: What might make an interesting project is to put the whole 3V motor into your 2002. While this isn't a "plug and play" project there are people out there that have done this swap. It will be necessary to "lock out" the cam phasers so that the 2002 PCM can run the motor. Will also need modifications in the fuel system and exhaust EGR system. BUT. the first question that should be asked is, "do you live in a state with an inspection program?".


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Apr 8, 2017
An easy way to find out which parts are interchangeable would be to look on parts websites. They will list model year ranges that parts work for. If the parts don't work with both years/body styles then they aren't interchangeable.

Personally I wouldn't even consider the 3 valve engine for a swapping opportuniny. The spark plug design is crap and sooner or later it will bite you.

If anything you can part out the car and make some $ off it. With that $ you can upgrade your car.