TransGo Shift Kit Installed

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  1. Well, I finally got the TransGo Street/Strip Shift Kit installed, and let me tell you.... Holy F'ing S! What difference, like night and day!

    There is absolutely no lag between shifts. When it does shift, it does so in the time it takes you to snap your fingers. Shift points are unaffected as well. Downshifts are crisp and clean. I'm totally impressed with what this kit has done for my sloppy automatic.

    Under normal Grandma type driving situations, the shifts are smooth, maybe 1/4 throttle, but once you accelerate at 1/3 throttle or above, you can feel the car lurch forward (the neck snapping some people comment about). Under WOT, hold on to your keister mister, the car not only lurches forward, but feels like it launches off of each shift! In fact, with my minimally modded engine, I actually broke the tires loose going from 1st to 2nd gear, and that's with the T-Lok too. Yes! :nice:

    Downshifts are clean as well when cruising along and you punch it. The tranny no longer farts around thinking about what gear to go into, it just goes.

    This kit also allows you to hold 1st thru 3rd to any RPM, which I haven't played with yet, but I'm sure it would be great for the track if you haven't installed anything else in the tranny yet, thereby converting your car over to a stick (almost).

    This is definitely an awesome upgrade for anyone who's sick and tired of his or her automatic's performance.

    The only thing is, I did not install it myself, I did not want to deal with the tranny fluid all over the garage, as I'm sure I would have had the stuff all over the place, but from watching the supplied video and tranny shop doing the install, it is straight forward and fairly easy to do. I would recommend going with the firmer 1st to 2nd gear shift option, and not wait for the test drive first to put it in later, as this option makes the tranny shift just like all the other shift points.

    Just thought I'd let everyone know about this!
  2. awsome... although i can't relate cus i got a manual... :(
  3. i just hope it holds together. transgo and B&M shift kits are incorrectly designed for the AODE/4R70W. they can cause premature failure to the tranny. i know because it happened to my B&M equipped 98.

    the jerry mod is the only safe valve body mod for these trannies. a chip can be programmed to have firmer shifts,raise the top speed limiter,and raise the rev limiter. much better option but i never knew this before i put my B&M in

    the shifts the kits produce are really amazing but they can cause alot of trouble too
  4. Sounds awsome! I really want to feel that... How much did it cost for everything?
  5. Please don't compare transgo to B&M. B&M is joke, no wonder why it failed. The transgo kit actually saves your tranny. A transgo equiped trans will last, it does what ford should have done. Now just get a stall converter and have some fun.
  6. Again I gotta ask, this is something I've wanted to do to my '98 since I've got it, please how much did the unit AND the install cost. Thanks
  7. so let me be the idiot here....what is this? basically manual -type shifting on an automatic tranny?
  8. i had a trans go on my pre 99 it worked great i sold it so cant tell you if it lasted but i talked to the person that baught the car and they mentioned nothing being wrong with it like a year after i sold it. I have heard that 99 up should NOT put a transgo in their cars though.
  9. Marvin do you have gears as well?? or just the shift kit at this point??
  10. Another Stang with a shift kit :)
  11. $99 for the kit.
    $129 for the install (mind you I was due for tranny service anyway).
    Check my signature (T-Lok and 4.10's)
    The Transgo kit will aloow you to manually shift inot any gear you want by using the stock shifter. 1 is 1st gear, 2 is 2nd gear, D (w/ OD off) is 3rd, and D (w/ OD on) goes into 4th.

    Like I mentioned, it is a fairly straight forward install, but I didn't want to deal with the mess involved! Watch the video and decide whether you want to do the install yourself. You might also want to pick up a tranny filter, and after you get the kit, there are two sets of gaskets included, but there is a third on the back side of the valve body assembly. If you are a gorilla or are all thumbs, get this second smaller gasket just incase you rip it when removing it. The key to the whole install is to clean everything as you go, and clean it everything off thoroughly!

    Description of Product:
    the modifications in the TransGo Performance Shift Kit® correct certain inherent design (or time caused) malfunctions, and at the same time, carefully revise the control system to supply more controlled oil to the shifting clutches and bands that activate the various gear ratios in the transmission. Additionally most kits increase the apply rate and holding ability of the Torque Converter Clutch (on models equipped with one). Most kits also increase lubrication flow for better cooling, converter feed, and of course lubrication to the gears, bearings, shafts, and bushings.

    Q How long does it take to install?
    A About three hours depending on transmission model.

    Q Is this Shift Kit better than all the others?
    A Guaranteed better! Compare parts content, performance and technology .The improvement in performance is unmatched!

    Q Will it help with towing?
    A Big advantage! Driver controlled shift points downshift's on demand, less strain on engine, transmission, and driveline. Dramatically improves durability and longevity.

    Q Does it have more parts and better technology than other shift improver type kits?
    A We have the most comprehensive Performance Shift Kit system for G.M. Chrysler and Ford. Not just a gasket with a few springs. TransGo solves the O.E. deficiencies through special valving, line pressure improvements, and specially machined integral parts.

    Q If these improvements are so good why didn¹t the factory do them?
    A The transmissions are designed by the factory engineers to suit a wide variety of average drivers and uses, along with cost constraints, and dozens of other obstacles. Like many other components on the vehicle, there is more potential there, it just needs to be let out, or custom tailored for more specific use.

    Q Are all the kits the same or are they specific for different uses?
    A There can be several TransGo Performance Shift Kits® for the same model transmission, depending on the type of kit; Stick-Shift or Automatic. Some are dual-purpose, and installed according to the intended use of the vehicle and the drivers desire. For example - the TransGo Performance Shift Kit® for the GM 700 can be installed either as stick shift option or automatic shift - the same kit does both. Other kits may combine towing/heavy duty use along with race/street strip use. See the catalog listings and descriptions for more details on specific kit functions for your vehicle.

    Q Does TransGo make Performance Shift Kits for older applications & muscle cars ?
    A Yes. If it's an American transmission and dates back to the 60's . Yes

    Q Does TransGo make Shift Kits for all electronic transmissions ?
    A Yes..Most domestic Ford, G.M, and Chrysler's with no computer interference.

    Q Is the step by step video good ? And easy to follow ?
    A Each video is specially designed for each kit type. It is included as a guide to work hand in hand with the complete and detailed printed instructions that are included with each kit. We have tried to structure the videos to obtain the most trouble-free results for the performance enthusiast.

    Q Do I need an overhead rack to install ?
    A No , Installation can be done on jack stands in your driveway.

    Q Will the installation of TransGo Performance Shift Kit® hurt my transmission?
    A On the contrary, the TransGo Performance Shift Kit® will IMPROVE durability by increasing friction component apply/holding ability. This reduces heat buildup that harms friction components, and at the same time increases cooling and lubrication flow in the transmission.

    Q Will the installation of the TransGo Performance Shift Kit® make my transmission bulletproof, and immune to any possible harm?
    A Of course not! Nothing can really do that. What IT WILL DO is greatly increase the capacity and durability of the transmission to its maximum potential, not make it impervious to any possible harm. Think of it like this: You have a hot running small block Chevy engine with built with high performance connecting rods and rod bolts. While these parts are far better than stock, there is still a limit to how high the engine could be revved before it flies apart.

    Q I talked to a transmission shop about putting a kit in my car. He said I don¹t need one since he can just drill a couple holes and block some valves (or something) that do the same thing. If that¹s true, then why do I need a TransGo Performance Shift Kit®?
    A It¹s not really true. Yes, some guys can drill some holes and such to create firmer shifts but its pretty much hit & miss guesswork. Usually they end up with uncoordinated bangy feeling shifts, which not only fail to increase durability, but can actually cause more harm than good. We look at these types of modifications as nothing more than ³cheap carnival tricks² that don't even compare to the TOTAL engineering package that you get from a TransGo Performance Shift Kit®.

    Q I feel my transmission shifts into too high of a gear too soon for my liking. Will the TransGo Performance Shift Kit® stop this for me?
    A That depends on the specific transmission model. Generally speaking, transmissions that are computer shifted (most domestics since early 90¹s) will still utilize the factory shift timing, which is controlled by the onboard computer. This automatic shift function is not changed with the installation of the TransGo Performance Shift Kit®.

    I remember that somewhere on this site, someone said that a shift kit on an auto would probably only shave a 10th of a second off the quarter mile time, but after driving around for a few days, I have to say that it must be more than that. After all, the car launches off of every shift now, and there is no comparison to the old sloppy shifts like before.

    Any other questions?

    Almost forgot....
  12. really? please explain how the transgo is different that the B&M when the same holes in the valve body are drilled out to the same size with each kit. and thank god ford didn`t go with transgo or B&M.

    i`m not defending B&M but how many different racing tranny`s have transgo developed over the years compared to B&M

    the jerry mod was developed by a former ford engineer that helped to design the AODE/4R70W.

    here`s a link for the jerry mod
  13. wait so I shouldn't put a transgo in my '07? it's a v6 auto, my daily and I hate not having the control. suggestions?
  14. You can install a shift kit in an 07. You would just need to have the PCM reprogrammed at a shop that specializes in performance mods. I'm pretty sure that's the case. Because the PCM controls solenoids that operate valves to shift into different gears. Transgo may have a kit with a reprogrammer but it' probably not cheap.