Drivetrain Transmission/5 Speed Standard

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  1. I need some tech advice on an issue I am having with my '06 GT. My B&M Short Throw Shifter came loose from the under carriage causing the linkage assembly screw to loosen and fall out. This caused play in the shifter, eventually shearing off one of the two underbody bolts (W/10mm nut). My solution, I think, is to repair this with a self-tapping screw to hold the shifter to the under carriage, while using the nut on the opposite side. My question, will I have any wiring issues to deal with if I screw into the area where the bolt/nut was? I have tried to find the info on wiring schematics, however they do not show how the wiring is laid out in the vehicle. Are there any wires that could be damaged between the inner console and the the under carriage in the area in question??
  2. I looked at the B&M .........
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    ..... before going Hurst, I didn't like how the front mounted to the transmission and the rear essentially bolted to the floor with no provision to allow for movement between the two, like when the engine / transmission reacts to torque loads .... or simply bumps and such. I also used stock rubber bushings with my Hurst Billet C+ shifter just cutting the center tang out of the rear rubber .... perfect and no noise transmitted to the floor.

    The Hurst and most others allow for torque reaction in the drivetrain, the rear of the shifter is simply held up like the stock one, but allowed to move fwd and aft or roll with the transmission maintain a steady distance from ball fulcrum to transmission shift linkage.

    If I were you, I'ld probably swap shifters for one thing, but even if I wanted to keep the B&M .... I'ld look inside the car under the shift boot to the rear and consider drilling for both rear bolts and getting someone to sit inside and hold the new bolts with a wrench while I snugged up some nylock nuts underneath the shifter mount plate.