Transmission choices

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  1. What are the tranny choices for the GT500, manual only or are they going to put the 5 speed auto in there?
  2. The only information that has been made available so far regarding the transmission points towards a T-56. I don't imagine them producing a version with an automatic, if that was what you were hoping for. :shrug:

    As taken from (bottom of page 6):

  3. Thanks, yes I'd like an auto....

    Missing pieces in my left leg from a motorcycle accident, I can still drive a stick but would prefer not to have one for a daily driver.
  4. Ouch! Now that is the best excuse I've heard for getting a slushbox. Good luck! :hail2:
  5. Yea it sucks but at least I'm not dead. Sold the bike and got back into cars :flag:
  6. I dought the Shelby will have an auto option. However, Ford has promised several speciality Mustangs right after the release of the Shelby. I suspect your auto option will be available in one of those models
  7. yea considering no cobra has ever offerd any thing but
    manual but who knows they are changeing things
  8. Thought to chime in and say that I'll choose the stick everytime..

    (1st and goal) "Yea it sucks but at least I'm not dead."

    ...and I'm sure everyone will agree when I say thank god your ok!
    Selling my scooter 'cause that 'ol black clouds been starting to close in on me (I'll give it a rest for awhile).

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