Transmission Crossmember Orientation

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by flyingtexan, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Modifying my crossmember for a Tremec install and I forgot which direction is toward the engine. Before I weld the body mounting points maybe one of you fine folks could help me. Is the larger hump the drivers side or is it the other way?

  2. Really? I've stumped the forum? Or it's so simple I look like a complete dumb ass
  3. Heres a question for you what size is the bolt going from crossmember to trans i need yp know that lol
  4. I just installed mine (on a c4) with the large hump on the passenger side. Have not bolted the exhaust up yet. I was in the same boat as you and if memory serves, I was looking at the clearances between the humps (with large on passenger) and it doesn't look like it would fit the other way, may hit the floorboard.
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    Also FYI when using a tremec just bolt in a AOD crossmember and it'll work if you don't want to cut your T5 one up and reweld.
  6. its been a couple months, but iirc, i used 3/8-16 on the outboard tubes, another 3/8-16 from crossmember to mount, and either a 7/16-14 or a 1/2-13 on mount to trans (which suprised me since i thought the whole trans was metric). this was using the energy suspension mount, and i had to widen the slots on the bottom on a new crossmember (dont know if the originals are stamped bigger, but this was an frpp piece).

    big hump goes on passenger side as has already been stated.
  7. See im looking for mount to member but my mount looks way bigger then a 3/8 bolt