Transmission dead?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Big Z, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Ok, sorry if this is the wrong forum but I hope you guys can help. so I have a '94 e150 conversion van with the 5.0 and 4 speed auto. It's got 135,000 miles on it. I was in it the other day driving around, and I was in a parking lot. I had it in neutral, and put it in drive and got on the gas relatively hard, probably too fast. The transmission always took a while to get into gear and I musta hit the gas before it was all the way in gear. The car lurched forward for a second, there was a loud bang and it quit moving. I threw it back in neutral, waited a few seconds and put it back in drive. it didnt move, but i gave it a little gas and it started making this terrible screeching noise but eventually started moving. once it got out of first or second gear it was fine and accelerated normally. But I learned later on if I gave it a good amount of gas from a stop it would start screeching/grinding and would quit accelerating. If I let off the gas it wouldnt screech. if i accelerated very slowly it would eventually go to the next gear and was fine. Then when I was right near home I had slowed down for a corner, and was trying to accelerate again and it screeched some for a few seconds, then quit screeching and nothing I could do would make it move again after that. I put it in park and it started rolling back on the hill. So I put the parking brake on, and got my brothers and we pushed it home. now, if i start the car, and put it in gear (especially reverse) i can hear the engine rpms drop slightly, but it does not make any sign of moving. then when i put it back in park it screechs until the car is turned off, or the trans is put back in gear. Do you guys have any ideas? We really dont have the money to take it to a mechanic so Im hoping I can figure out whats wrong with it. I've tried making guesses but I'm really just not that educated on how automatic transmissions work. if you guys have any ides it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

    edit: another thing, when sitting still with the brakes on and the gear in drive (at a stoplight or whatever) it used to make this grinding kind of sound. it would go away if it was put in neutral. dunno if that means anything to you guys
  2. Dude.. tranny sounds like it's toast. Sorry:( :nonono:
  3. yeah thats what i figured... I was hoping it was something simple like the torque converter broke or something... think i could just grab one out of a truck from the bone yard or something cheap?
  4. anyone here big on transmissions? If its something simple that can be fixed id rather do that then rebuild the whole thing/buy a new one. why would it grind when its in park but not when its in gear? could it be something as simple as the torque converter being messed up somehow?