Transmission Fluid Change schedule?

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  1. I have 27,800 miles on my Gt. When should i be changing the transmission fluid and I am assuming Royal Purple is the best? How much of it should be added?
  2. What year is your car. What trans does it have in it TR3650, T45.. ? Or is it automatic?

    I try to keep to a schedule of every 30K for most automatics. Or 20-25k if you run the car hard. Filter & flush.

    On the 3650 in my car i change the fluid every 25k. I service the rear diff at the same time.

    I prefer Mobil1 over RP, but any good synthetic will do.
  3. I have a 2002 gt, 5 speed manual.

    I have the TR3650.

    So I guess i am do for a transmission flush and filter change.

    What is the normal price range for such a job? anyone know?
  4. no filter on the that tranny. 4 quarts should do you good. i use mobil 1 synthetic. make sure you get the bottle that says mercron.
  5. Prices vary but to give you a good idea of what its gonna cost, when I went to get mine done for the first time way back I went to the Ford dealer. They wanted about $100 for the tranny and somewhere around $120 for the rear diff. Outrageous huh? Im sure if you went to any regular shop it would significantly less than those prices.
  6. You have low miles for a 2002. I think Ford recommends 100k miles, I prefer every 50k miles. You are not due for a fluid change, but it might help some, and couldn't hurt (assuming you don't underfill or overfill with the wrong fluid). I used Mobil-1 synthetic ATF.

    Check this out:

    BULLITT Archive Transmission fluid change

    There was a TSB out a few years ago about the Tremec 3650, including info on the correct fluid level. I'll try to find it...

  7. From a previous post:

    I found it easy to fill the transmission through the shifter, and to use a shifter gasket to reinstall the shifter:

    Stang Shifter Gaskets

    Info about draining and refilling the transmission with the correct amount of new transmission fluid, from a Ford TSB published July 20, 2004:

    "Fill the transmission with 3.0 liters (6.3 pints) of Motorcraft Mercon ATF (XT-2-QDX). The full fill level is approximately 19 mm (0.75") below the fill hole. Note: shift quality may improve further with break in, approximately 644 kilometers (400 miles) of driving."

  8. i replaced mine at 80k but it came out real clean so i assume it had been changed once before.
    The best way imo to add the fluid is to buy a suction device, like a hand operated one. I bought mine from napa for like 7 dollars.
    If i were you i would stay away from Royal Purple. Aside from the fact that i don't like there products from there analysis i've seen on it's nothing special. It's really popular in the mustang scene but lb 4 lb i believe Redline is a much better fluid. That being said, you shouldn't use EITHER in the Tremec transmissions in our cars. Synthetic transmission fluid is not a good idea for these transmissions, your best off with the Motorcraft stuff.

    In all honesty, our transmissions use ATF.. i mean crap, The fluid will probably go the life time of the car itself. ATF is built for straight up abuse, heat and friction. You won't be encountering much of that at all on a manual. Change it for peace of mind if you want. Call me crazy but i'm willing to bet you can go 200,000 miles on the FACTORY fill.

  9. Synthetic fluid is just fine for these transmissions

  10. I use mercon V also... are all mercon V synthetic?
    EDIT: it turns out mercon V IS synthetic. Wow, i never knew that. If i had known that I would of just bought Redline transmission fluid. No where on my Mercon V bottle say that it is synthetic though, why wouldn't they advertise it as one? ..heh i guess you really do learn something every day
  11. Do NOT put 4 quarts of tranny oil into a 3650. The recommended fill is 3.0 litres or 3.2 quarts. 4 quarts is WAY too much oil.
  12. it won't even let you add 4 qrts. It'll just start spilling out after 3.2
  13. The T45 and TR3650 takes just under 4 quarts of ATF. Just fill it up with the fill plug out. When the fluid starts leaking, let it stop, then put the fill plug back in. You don't want to overfill it because it will blow out of the seals.

    Your transmission will be fine with that many miles and the current fluid, but it cannot hurt to change it.

    I have always used Valvoline ATF conventional. I've had that in my T45 for 5 years and I have a blower on my car. I have the trans at my trans shop right now for a new reverse syncrho and they siad every part in my trans still looks brand new. Reverse is always bad in T45's and TR3650's, they said it's a manufacturer defect. Too much paly in Reverse from the factory.
  14. So it takes 3.2 quarts, huh....How the F can that be exacted..? I am assuming when you all say fill until it flows out the fill hole, the car is on ramps or evenly jacked up.?

  15. The manual says 3.8 qts but after a ginormous thread on here it was learned that 3.2 qts is what it needs to have. This amount was posted on the forum by some engineers at Tremec. They said this because of all the 3650's with 1-2 shift problems.

    Here's the archived thread if you feel like reading through it.
  16. Great Thread. Glad I found it today before heading to autozone.
  17. Yeah, one of the easier things to do. I try to keep it at three years, which is about 12k miles.