Drivetrain Transmission Fluid....

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by HuskerNation, May 6, 2013.

  1. So, lately I have smelling a strong synthetic burn when I am getting of the interstate. This isn't an oil burn, so the only thing I can imagine it to be, is transmission fluid, as its that strong. I have not been getting any leaks on the ground, so I have been unsure of whats going on.

    Saturday, I decided to level out the car, and check the fluid. I am not low, but I do believe it may have too much in it. I took out the top drain plug, and it came spilling out. Not a whole lot, but instead of letting it get all over the garage floor, I put the plug back in. I only put 3 QTs in when I did my clutch replacement, so it can't be over filled that much.

    My question, if it is over filled, will I have this issue for a bit, and will it go away? Should I get it level again, pull the plug and let it drain out until it stops?

    Thanks for your time and responses,
  2. I would get it level, pull the plug and let the excess drain off. You're only supposed to have it filled to the bottom of the "fill" hole.
  3. 3 quarts is to much I think it calls for only 2.4 or 2.6 I'm not sure which but either way that's almost a half a quart over and if it doesn't leak its not gonna go away ... where does it have to go??
  4. See, when I filled the car, I thought it was level. I didn't use the all 3 quarts, but I do remember that it was a vast majority. When I pulled the fill tube out of the transmission, the first time, it didn't leak a single thing. My guess, the car wasn't as level as I initially thought.

    MikeH, I didn't know if it would burn off, as I can smell it as it is.

    Looks like I will just be letting it drain out lol.
  5. It wouldn't burn off as much as degrade or break down that's when your trans fluid goes from a bright cherry red to a poop brown lol
  6. Could be leaking from the speed sensor and dripping onto the exhaust.