Transmission needs rebuilt-what kit should I use!!


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Sep 25, 2006
I dont want to spend to much, but what upgrades should i make sure to have the Mechanics use when the rebuild my 94 GT' s auto transmission with 56,000 original miles. Is there a rebuild kit I should by and then have them rebuild it.
Thanks.. Just bought this mustang and its my first.
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Sep 25, 2006
swap for what kind of transmission. like i said. i m very new to mustangs.


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Mar 15, 2002
st.louis mo 314
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got your PM, There is a really good amount of info on the swap here from members who have done it. Use the search at the top-ish of the page were it goes UserCP-FAQ-TheGarage-MembersList-Calendar-NewPosts-SEARCH-QuickLinks-LogOut.

Try the search topics "manual swap" or "trans swap" and make sure your searching in the 94-95 5.0Tech section (you can do this by clicking on the search and then clicking on advanced search).

I am sure you will find enough info to get an idea of not only how to do it but what is involved.
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