Transmission noises - throw out bearing?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 2013 Geee T, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Can you quiet down a noisy throw out bearing without replacing it? Or do you have to tear the tranny down to get to it?

    Is it common for the pilot bearing to make noise? Im trying to narrow down the problem. I seem to have 2 different noises and they are there until the car warms up after driving awhile.

    One of the noises goes away when you put your foot on the clutch and the other seems to happen when you put your foot on the clutch. Plus when you rev the engine with your foot on the clutch the sound goes along with the RPM.

    My clutch is still fine but I cant stand the noise anymore and dont want to do a TO bearing if its going to be the same price as a clutch job.
  2. If the noise goes away when u push in the clutch thats the throw out bearing more than likely mine was making almost a chirping noise and when u would press the clutch pedal down it would go away your other noise im not sure srry
  3. This forum's search feature is pretty powerful. But, to help you out , here is a link :

  4. Thanks for the link. It sounds like you can temporarily fix it by greasing it. Do you have to take it apart to do that or can you get to it from the outside?
  5. u would have to take it apart because it sits behind the flywheel, no access any other way
  6. you can see it if you take off your transmission dust cover.. its the one where your clutch cable runs into .. i'm not sure about putting greas on it tho, you might get it on your clutch when its spinning like mad.
  7. doh mixed up my TOB with the pilot bearing, ya u might be able to grease it carefully if u have small hands to stick in between the fork and bellhousing
  8. I greased em before. Use white lithium grease in a spray can - steal a couple or three of the lil red straws that connect to the nozzle and carefully tape em together to make one long straw. Remove the access cover (only only screw), use a flashlight to get an idea of where you are spraying - do not spray toward the engine...ya know, into the transmission. You only want to spray up onto, in and around the TOB - it's hard to be precise, but in the end, you really don't have to be precise - so don't try too hard. You can also hit the pivot post with a shot of grease as well.
    This will buy you some time, but certainly won't cure the issue forever. IMO don't bother having the TOB only replaced - that's alot of labor just to swap that out. While they are in there, they might as well put a whole new clutch assembly in...and it's a perfect time to upgrade!
    If you're an average car owner and have racked up 50K + miles, you're still ok, but a whole new setup will surprise you. You'll quickly realize that your old clutch wasn't as good as you may have thought it was. (It's very easy to get use to the wear of a clutch, especially when it wears so over 5 years time and 50K miles.
    Best of luck - let me know if I can clarify any further.
  9. I have 83k and my clutch is still going strong. I wouldn't replace it until it was clutch time but would like to quiet it down until then.