Transmission shifts early during WOT

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  1. Hey guys... I bought this car a few days ago... 93 notchback... And when i put her in d overdrive and i floor it... It shifts out at 3500rpm. Never getting close to redline... I suspect
    There could be an issue with the tv cable... And perhaps a fluid amd filter change... Any other ideas on what could cause an early shift?
  2. This guys adjustment doesnt quite match the article i found on this forum... With instructions for marking max and min tv adjustment
  3. Do the missing bushing first. That is probably the issue. As he stated this is how it was done from the factory. I oversimplified it for a reason. You can do other things and jack the pressures all out of wack but I think his way would be the best in this situation.
  4. Ok... Ill get er in the garage tonight and see what i can do
  5. I probobaly seem to post about stuff that seems trivial to others, but these are my issues and i always google amd research before i post.. I just like to discuss them and get feedback.. One day ill post about cam and head specs... But for now.. Tv cable woes!! Lol
  6. Start with what's broke. Learn as you go.
  7. Yes, that rpm is a little low. Normal shift points at WOT is around 5000. Sounds like the TV cable needs an adjustment. Do you know if the prior owner altered anything with the trans or converter? Is the fluid level and color ok.

    My .02 regarding AOD's.

    1. if you do not feel comfortable or do not know what you are doing, do not experiment. An improperly adjusted tv cable will fry an AOD in a matter of miles.
    2. Replace the stock plastic bushing with the brass bushing and retaining pin. Those plastic bushings are prone to breaking, causing your tv cable to either be loose or worse fall out of the linkage on the TB and frying your transmission.
    3. If your transmission is not shifting properly do not drive it.
    4. I've adjusted the tv cable using the no slack method and it works fine. You can also have a trans shop adjust it by the proper pressure if you want to feel warm and fuzzy after.

    Here is a reference for adjusting and diagnosis of the AOD.
  8. Ok thanks for the replies and advice... Tonight i squeezed a rubber grommet in the tv cable linkage hole on the throttle body... Just for temporary testing..

    I saw some links for the brass bushing... Ill be ordering that soon.. The rubber will hold for temp testing..

    I only drive this car up and down the street for test drives.. So it is definately not a daily driver

    The previous owner didnt know anything about this car other than how to mess it up...

    Finally got around to putting in a new pcv valve, draining the radiator, replacing both hoses.. I did this to feel comfortable getting it up to operating temp for a sustained period of time... The pcv valve was horrible looking.. Didnt rattle.. Perhaps the cause of leaks?!?

    Filled it with prestone super flush and water... Thats another project for another day

    The fluid was about 3/4 of a quart low... Topped it off and took it for a drive... It shifted firmer, kicked down the gears under throttle... And the rpms for shifting went up a hair... But nothing near 5k... Im going to crawl under her soon and drop the pan.. Change the filter and add fresh fluid

    When i first pulled the dipstick the fluid was red with A few little bubbles

    We will see how she improves... I will also take it to a tranny shop for an adjustment once the bushing comes in... Probobaly order a new cable just to be on the safe side
  9. Let us know how you make out.
  10. Decided to back burner this guys... Im gonna yank the motor and trans, replace all the gaskets and seals to stop the leaks... At that time ill work on the cable and bushing... I gotta get these leaks fixed first
  11. Makes sense. Pull it all, reseal the engine, reinstall the trans that may or may not be in need of rebuild only to pull it back out for that. I'd iron the trans out before you pull the motor. Then you can either leave the trans out, or repair it while its out. Other wise you will have to pull it again if a service and adjustment don't fix the issue.
  12. I know what your sayin... Dont double the work..and believed me, ive thought about this...

    But right now im on a budget.. And this thing is in shambles... So if i pull both at the same time... Clean up the bay... Clean the engine and tranny, do all the gaskets and seals... Service the tranny... Replace all the rotting hoses and faulty sensors... Trace all the connections that are loose... An put her back in and get the tv cable adjusted... And the tranny is shot... Ill have to park it and save up that grand for a rebuild or a c4 upgrade
  13. Mine does the same thing, seems to shift at 4300 at WOT. I am going to check the TV cable after I get the KB blower running right...
  14. Ive gotten so used to messing with gm 4l60e transmissions.. I forgot how much of a pain that cable can be
  15. Ya well I did them when they were 700R4's too! LOL.