Transmission slip

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  1. Under hard acceleration and manually shifting the automatic it hesitates to shift when going from 3rd to 4th. Yesterday I got on it hard and it hesitated going from 1st to 2nd and the same from 3rd to 4th. Has anyone else experienced this with their automatic? Its generally just 3rd to 4th. Almost like I have to lift my foot to let it shift??
  2. Make sure the tranny fluid level is up to spec.

    If ok, do a couple of hard runs. The ECM softens the tranny's(and the engine's) performance whenever the car has been driven conservatively.

    If that doesn't help, do the following:
    1- Reflash the ECU by disconnecting the battery's negative cable for 30 minutes.
    2- Reconnect the battery cable.
    3- Turn the key to the 'ON' position so all of the dashboard lights illuminate, and the chime starts(Do not start the engine).
    4- Wait for the chime to stop.
    5- Turn off all electrical accessories.
    6- Press the gas pedal all the way down in one smooth motion while counting to 5 (1001, 1002....).
    7- Slowly release the gas pedal while counting to 5.
    8- Wait 6 seconds.
    9- Turn key to 'OFF'.
    10- Wait 6 seconds.
    11- Repeat steps 3-10 twice more.
    (Note: The idle may be erratic whenever the battery is disconnected, because the ECU has to re-learn the idle strategy. 20-50 miles of driving normally returns the idle back to normal. There's also a procedure in the battery maintenance section of the owner's manual that facilitates the idle re-learning process.)

    If still NG, install an aftermarket tune(assuming it's not already tuned).
  3. Thanks for the info. Ill give it a shot and let you know.