transmission wire . Please help

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  1. The wire coming out of my trans that controls the speed was chewed in half. The problem is that I cannot find the other half where does it go where does it plug in. Pics or diagrams if you got them.
  2. Speed sensor is on the tail shaft drivers side. See if it somehow got yanked out the plug.
  3. yes I have that part of the wire that onnects to tranny where does it go from there?
  4. Up over trans to passenger side firewall/fender.
  5. Yeah maybe the rest of the wire in in the transmission harness somewhere. Its the last connection on that harness.
  6. climbed all over the car last weekend the part where it plugs into the car is long gone or I still cant find it. Please if anyone has a picture of where the trans wire plugs into please post it. Not the transmission part I have that covered.
  7. Tranny harness plugs in here, red circle.

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  8. Here's a picture of it out of the car.
    Yellow-reverse switch
    Blue-to main body harness.

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  9. Thanks guys. I am still amazed by the internet. I ask a question and I get an answer. This site has saved me so much time and trouble. Thanks again.
  10. Ok still nothing. I spliced wires back together with eas. Still nothing so I went to O'reallys and bought the speedo sensor and the old gear looked brand knew. Still nothing. Checked fuse Still nothing. This thing worked until the rat day. What else could it be? No way the speedo gauge itself quit that would be way to many things going wrong at once.