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  1. Hi 22/f/Fl ,
    I started racing stock cars when i was 13 and fell out of it and into boys at so i took my stock car motor and built it with all forged internals, Esslingers aluminuim head and plenty of other pluses(carbed). It's currently making 250hp and almost 300fpt. I'm also putting a 100 wet shot on it making 350hp and god knows what torque. point being will a stock 5speed that comes out of the 2.3s hold up to that?(dont think it will) If not how am i bolting the T5 up to it? Swap bell housings? already have an 8.8 rear end and the whole body squared away. Car should weigh 2300 with me in it(110lb for me boys ;) ).Battery relocation,suspension,15/10.5 (nittos) Fiberglass hood,fenders, front bumper and trunck lid. New to drag racing so can anyone help?
  2. There is a way to modify the V8 T5 to bolt up to the 2.3l engine. Do a search here or on because I know it has been done. The gear ratios are different, but a rear end gear change should be okay. The V8 T5 should be able to take the abuse even from a strong 2.3L. Just make sure you get a world class unit. If you really want strength you can also do the astro gear swap with dog cut gears.