Transmissions available for the Vert and other questions

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  1. I am new to this forum, and never realy been into mustangs. After seeing the various pictures of the new ones in the magazines, I really think the 05 ones look cool. I just have a few questions if anyone knows.

    I read in one of the earlier articles about the car where they said the Convertible will only be available with the Automatic. Does anyone know if this is valid or are they going to offer the manual as well? I wish they would offer the T-56 as an option but as long as it's manual I can live without the 6th gear.

    I probably will be looking at a 06 or 07 silver GT convertible with red interior.
  2. First I heard of that. Where did you hear that? Doesn't really make sense.
  3. It was in one of the Common car magazines, cant remember. It was an old article I almost want to say a year ago.

    It probably was just the standard partial info that the car dealers give to the magazine editors prior to realeasing the real specs.

    There is probably no validity to the article based on how long ago it was.
  4. Nah, there's no logic behind offering only the automatic for the convertible. I'd love to see the T-56 available as an option at least on the GT, but that will most likely be reserved for the SVT and GTR-40 models. I really wish I didn't know that there was going to be a GTR-40, or that I knew wtf it was.. because it's driving me crazy wondering about it!
  5. I have heard rumors of a GTR-40, but nothing concrete. Do you have anything concrete that this is going to be produced? Do you have any info on it at all? Let me know.

  6. I hope it happens I love the T-56 6 speed. I think the GT should have it as an option. I know they stick it on the cobra R. Now when you can get hondas and other cars common with a 6 speed I think they should have it as an Option. Allthough I wont lose any sleep over it if they dont, and a Cobra R would be more than I would want to spend for a second car.
  7. There's no logic behind offering only an automatic in the Thunderbird, or the Chevy SSR. Yet that's the situation. American (and Asian) car manufacturers have no connection with logic of any kind. German makers seem a little better, but not a lot. :shrug:
  8. Thats true and Ironially cars that traditionally did not have manual are getting the T-56 6 speed, i,e Cadillac CTS-V.
  9. Both of those cars are aimed at totally different markets. Both of those cars are also strictly convertibles. The drivetrain and motor for the Mustang vert is the same as the the regular Mustang, so there's no reason they would limit it to automatic.
  10. "Strictly convertibles" is still no reason to only offer an automatic. Plenty of us who can drive still like convertibles (I'll never be without one in my carage - and it has to be a manual). Different market? I dunno. I would have seriously considered a Thunderbird last year IF they had offered some power and a manual transmission. Just because we like some luxury doesn't mean we want to go slow, and are too lazy to move the right wrist a little bit once in a while!!!
  11. For the same money as a Thunderbird, I can buy a new Z4 (OK, I do like the Z3 styling a LOT better). U.S. built, just as luxurious, much better handling, a six-speed manual is available, and it goes like a bat outta hell!