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  1. I would like to know what model transmission I have in my 88lx coupe. How would you tell? Do all 2.3's have A4LD's or do some come with T5's? My question being, how do you identify your transmission model?
  2. Simple,

    The A4LD will have an automatic shifter and the T-5 will be a manual style with a shifter boot and knob. Seriously some of the older foxes came with the 4 speed's and there were some regular AOD's.
  3. Oh. So are you telling me that all A4LD transmissions are automatics and T5's are standards? I thought that the A4LD's were standards as well, and that there were just two different models that went in these 2.3's. Also, one more question, are these T5 manual transmissions the same as the T5's in 5.0L mustangs? Thank you for answering my idiot question.
  4. The T-5's in the V-8's were geared differently in the first 2 gears and the big difference is the input shaft the V-8 was bigger, you can get them to work on the 2.3's you just have to have the shaft machined down.