transplant mustang guy from fl to tn

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  1. hey i just moved up here a little while back from south east coast florida. i was in a fairly small town down there called sebastian. i was born and rasied there, and i moved up here because the towns here are like the town i remember living in back in the day. i also like the full four seasons here with out the 11 months of
    anyway, i am a long time mustang guy that will always stay true to the stang roots.
    i pretty much at any given time will have 5-6 up to 12 mustangs at one time, i just love to play with them, build, race, daily drive, sell, barter, you name it, i like em. i mostly play with the foxes on a regular basis, but i am spending alot more time back in the early ones again. i tend to have alot of parts for pushrod models and t-5s.
    i road race my 67 shelby mustang as often as i can afford the time, and i am starting to build a 70 fastback gt1 car in the next few months. (i hope)
    i am a professional mechanic in my own restoration and speed shop here in tennessee, i specialize in mustangs of course. i work on it all, i am just passionate about the ponys.
    anyways, kinda a long winded intro, but my name is tim and i am looking forward to getting to know some of you guys.

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  2. :welcome: nice ride you got
  3. thanks! i am hoping to get a little free time and post up some pics of the other ones i have and get busy chatting it up with everyone. :nice:
  4. Welcome

    Great looking car!
  5. thanks! whats the wheels your rolling on? i see your name has the 289 in it, just curious if you in the old school..... :nice:
  6. old school

    I have owned a 65, 66 fastback, 67 fastback, an 08 GT and now a 2007 Roush Stage 3...
  7. ssaaawwwweeeeeettt