tremec 3550

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  1. tremec 3550

    ive ran this transmission for about 3 months, just made a deal on a tko 500 though so im gonna upgrade and let this one go. its a 10 spline input and a 28 spline output. the top left mounting ear was broke off at some point in time in the transmissions life and jb welded back on. it was never an issue with the previous owner and its never been an issue in my car either. transmission shifts perfect in every gear as well as reverse.

    torque rating of this transmission is 375 ftlbs.

    i have a bellhousing as well but it has a hairline crack in it so its up to the buyer on if you want it or not. will include it if desired. will also include the clutch fork. i have a pro 5.0 shifter for it as well and will throw it in for another $75. will also sell the shifter seperately.


    if interested or have any questions please PM me, i dont really get on here much so by pm'ing me it will send an email notification. thanks

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  2. im interested in the shifter, do u take paypal? can u send a pic of it to my email [email protected] thanks
  3. hello,

    I need the clutch fork cover for the tremec 3550 bellhousing. have you got one, if so how much do you want for it. tnx
  4. do you still have this for sale?
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