Tremec T-56

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by AP1995V6, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Anyone know if this will fit on a v6? If not, what is another good transmission? I get lost in all the tranny talk ;)
  2. BUMP

    I'd kinda like to know this too?

  3. 3550 looks good too. Would that be the same as a T-5 swap?
  4. bumb... I also would like to know.
  5. a T-56 is a complete waste of a tranny unless you get the viper spec with a .50 final drive... ford as usual does something stupid... they went and messed with the gears, they whould have left 5 and 6 being the over drive so you would get EXTREMLy good gas milage from it :) but they didnt... i would spend my money on a gforce t-5 or a tremec tko
  6. I'll probably get a 3550 TKO II

    I was just wondering if the Viper T-56 was compatible with a 6.
  7. the 03' snake seems to have no problem with the t-56.............
  8. if htey would have put in a standard 5 speed the 03 cobra would have more power at the wheels, the T-56 sucks up more power and its GREAT to have an extra gear IF its set up right... you wont get any better gas milage worth nothing by having the 6 speed, and it doesnt make you much if any faster.... if you are gonna do it get a viper spec which has a .6~ 5th and a .5 final... talking about awsome gas milage, ever wonder how the camaro Z28s manage to blow the gts doors off when it comes to gas milage?