Tremec TKO 600 or G-force T-5

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by just4bob50, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. I have a busted tranny and have about half the money i need for a new trans. I want to get one of the tansmissions listed in the title. I found a company that sells a TKO 600 3 pc. kit for 1950$. It has the tranny,crossmember, and bell housing. I know I will still need a new shifter, but will I need a different clutch for this trans. I am trying to figure out which trans makes the most sense to use. The G-force is supposed to just as strong, will let me reuse all existing components and costs about 2000$. So what advice can you guys give me. Also Im not worried about a 200-300$ price difference for a better trans, Im just trying to keep the total as close to 2000 as possible. thanks for your help.
  2. For a smooth, strong box that you won't break, choose the TKO 600. My personal experience with a 3550 would cause me to make that choice. They are bulletproof as long as you keep them lubricated properly.
  3. Will any Tremec bolt up to a stock bellhousing?
    I just broke 3rd in my T-5 and for now I'm only gonna rebuild with 91-up cluster and 2nd & 3rd gears to give it 305lbs torqe rating instead of my 88's 265lbs.
    I found the parts I need bearings and all NEW for 359.00 shipped, and my buddy can rebuild it with his eyes closed, where I don't even get how it works let alone an automatic tranny, if everyone was as smart as me, we'd all be walkin'.

  4. i know this is not the classifieds but i have a g force with 80 miles and 7 track passes on it that im trying to sell. . . i decided to go with a c4. PM me if you are interested
  5. Both are good upgrades but the TKO will cost you about 2500 to your door. I just went through this and this included 3 qt. of Synchromesh, shifter(too stiff for my taste) HPM crossmember, AL bellhousing, 26 spline Mcleod Disk and 31 spline yoke. If you can rebuild your trans, I suggest getting the Gforce kit with the upgraded mainshaft. That should be good for 500 ft. lbs. and should be closer to 1500 bucks. If you are buying a whole Gforce tranny I would just spend the extra couple hundred and get a TKO 500/600. I think its a better/stronger transmission from the get go.
  6. My daughters boyfriend just started the drive train class a UTI, and he asked his teacher if they can rebuild my trans in class. The teacher said no problem but it will be a stock rebuild for instructional purposes. So I guess I could sell the stock rebuild for extra cash towards a better tranny. I talked to G-Force today and they said that if I bring them the trans the total cost for the upgraded rebuild would be less than 1600, but it will take 4-6 weeks to get my trans back. I had thought about putting the stock rebuild back in and just taking it easy on it for a few months while I try to save for a TKO 600.
  7. Yeah I wanted my T5 to hold me over too. I rebuilt my T5 with a kit from Hanlon and they gave me soft roller bearings which go between the input and output shaft. Both the input and output shaft are wasted... got 10 miles out of it. Needless to say I am out 400 bucks on the T5 with the kit and couple gears I also replaced. I just surrendered and payed the money for the TKO to be done with it. Between both I spent close to 3k and I dunno how many hours removing-rebuilding-removing-disassembling-cussing-and installing the new one. hehe
  8. The TKO 600 is going to be a lot easier to drive with being that the gears are not completely straight cut. My TKO 600 makes noise, but nothing compaired to the g-force. I dunno about the TKO though, a lot of people have problems with them shifting in high rpms, and I feel like Im running into that same problem. If I could have done it over again I probably would have bought a g-force because I dont mind the noise.
  9. I was in the same boat as you last year. I ended up getting the TKO and I'm very happy I did. I run it with a spec stg 3 clutch, aluminun flywheel and I beat the piss outta it and it still shifts like a charm. TKO all the way. Not saying G-Force isn't a worthy trans, but TKOs seem to be more proven. They're cheaper too.