Tri-ax Handle Length?

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  1. I'm looking for a handle to replace the crappy one on American muscle house brand "sport" shifter, it's too short. Does anyone know how long or have an approximate length of the steeda tri-ax handle?
  2. I can't answer your question, but check out MGW. You can adjust the handle to whatever length or position you want.
  3. The Tri-Ax is about the same as the stock shifter height. Maybe a bit shorter.
  4. Thank you sir
  5. I want to say the Tri-Ax has 2 different heights that you can set it at.
  6. Mine now does too. Short and comically short. I wish I knew what I did w the stock one kinda. What I have now isn't terrible it works its just not very comfy I guess.
  7. I actually made the switch from the Tri-Ax handle to the Steeda Comfort Pro handle.

    I wasnt able to reach the Tri-Ax handle comfortably after i moved the seat back a few inches. I had to lean forward in the forward gears to shift. Not something that is possible in a 4 or 5 point harness.

    Now i can shift just fine without leaning forward.

    I think the Comfort Pro was modeled after the stock shifter handle. Its still on the Tri-Ax base so the shifts are still pretty short.
  8. the tri ax is right between a stock handle and something really short like a pro 5.0. I think it is the best of both worlds, comfortable for just cruising around, but i am also able to powershift it with relative ease.
  9. There are two handles for the tri-ax.

    The short throw handle and the comfort pro. The comfort pro is modeled after the stock handle. I think ihave one kicking around to grab a pic of.
  10. The combination of that handle with a pro5.0 base and stock knob is the best combination ive driven with.
  11. One more question for ya. So the triax handle lined up and bolted to the pro5.0 base w out issues?
  12. yea they both use the stock bolt pattern, no issue there.

  13. Just bolting that lever to my stock t5 was great, it made a great deal of inprovement in feel. I have the mgw now but the tri-ax lever is a nice piece, would still have in if I would have had the money for the entire shifter back in the day.
  14. Cool man sounds good, I think I'mma get er. I think that "sport" shifter won't be half bad with it.