Tri-ax vs. Pro 5.0 vs. MGW on a T5

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  1. I've been reading up quite a bit on these three different shifters as potential candidates to put on my 90 hatch. I have read a lot of good reviews about the tri-ax, but also some bad ones. The pro 5.0 also gets good reviews but seems to get beaten out by the tri-ax. Then there are those who mix the base of the tri-ax with the handle of the pro 5.0, or the other way around. I couldn't find too much feedback for the MGW shifter on a T5, but the 4.6 guys swear by them. The few people who I found that have the MGW on a T5 love it as well.

    However, I contacted both Hanlon Motorsports and Maximum Motorsports about this topic and they both recommended the Pro 5.0. Here are their separate responses:

    Given the feedback from these two highly reputable sources, I am very inclined to go with the Pro 5.0, but the Steeda and MGW shifters were previously more appealing to me. Before I make a decision, I'd like to hear some more feedback from everyone with these shifters on a T5 transmission.


    Which is a better shifter on a T5? Hanlon and Maximum Motorsports both back the Pro 5.0, but what do you think?


    Pro 5.0

  2. I had a Hurst on my old 89, I have a Hurst on my 91, and an MGW on my Cobra. So far the MGW is my favorite. Course you didn't ask about Hurst, but I don't have any experience with the others. Much less on a T-5. :p
  3. I had a MGW on my 03 gt, and put a tri-ax on my fox. Only reason I got a tri-ax was that I had $200 in summit gift cards and they didn't carry a MGW.

    I don't get mm's comment about the short throws and it being a shifter a 17 year old would buy. I loved my MGW and the shift effort was not high. Kinda seems out of character. They are a business though and sometimes I think their advice is motivated to selling their product. To knock a shifter based on one experience from a company with such a reputation seems unreasonable. Besides, most MGW fans come to love the shifter after driving it for a few weeks. I know for me it did.

    Next time i have some cash to burn, I'm getting an MGW and ditching my tri-ax

    Edit: 7/11/11....traded my steeda Tri-ax for an it! mGW feels much more crisp!
  4. i have a pro 5.0 with a tri ax handle and a stock shift knob, no complaints here. I think any of those choices will make you happy tho
  5. This is a subject that has beaten to death more times than I can count on every Mustang forum on the 'net. Asking this question is like asking which exhaust is "best".

    Cliff notes: Buy one.
  6. For what it's worth, I had an MGW on my 91 notch's T5 and it was the best shifter I've ever used. The throws are short and firm, it's not "notchy," and it gives you a feeling of control that none of the other shifters give. I had a Pro 5.0 on my '84 and I have a Pro 5.0 on my '99 now. They're good shifters, but they're light years behind the MGW in terms of quality and feel. My next mustang will have an MGW and all Mustangs following will have one as well. Just my .02.
  7. Never used a MGW, but have had Pro5.0 n Tri-Ax. I stuck with the Tri-Ax, just something about it I like....:)
  8. MGW and don't look back. There are tons of threads on this topic and a variety of answers. MGW ranks very high. I have one and I can tell you 1st hand it is well built and very high quality w/o a doubt one of the best shifters on the market. you will not be disapointed if you pull the trigger on one.
  9. Ok so I'm hearing lots of good things about the MGW on a T5. :) Good, that was sort of the top contender here, but didn't know if it was good. I think I had read somewhere that it was only good for toploader transmissions.

    The only other thing I can think about here is that he drove a car with a race style silver handle MGW shifter. It's supposed to be really short. I'll stick to the orange handle.

    Thanks -__- but I made this thread because I couldn't find feedback for the MGW on a t5. And yes I know how to search. I'll even share a better way to search than using any forum's search function. for example typing into google search:

    mgw shifter

    and it will list results from stangnet relating to the mgw shifter without first giving me EVERY single post that has the word shifter in it.
  10. I got a MGW and love it.
  11. Ok leaning heavily towards the MGW now. Plus you can also order the extra inner boot from MGW to reduce noise and heat. Seems like some nice icing on the cake to me. All for just under $200 including shipping.
  12. MGW is the choice. Do yourself a favor and pick up a leather Cobra 5 speed shift knob while you're at it too. The stock fox shift knob is a toy.
  13. +1 on the cobra knob.

    I actually alternate between the cobra 5-spd know and a mach 1 knob. I like em both.
  14. I disagree here, i like the stock knob. It is ugly, but the newer cobra knob is way too big and bulky and made powershifting difficult for me
  15. My favorite is the black Hurst knob. Big ol' classic ball for me. :)
  16. I really like the stock knob. I had a Dojo Performance knob on there when I bought the car, and I switched out to the stocker.

    Keep forgetting to put the Dojo for sale...I'm sure someone with an import will buy it.

  17. who sells the mgw shifters?peace

  18. Mustang Short Throw Shifter

    I'm sure other retail places sell it too, but not any of the big ones we all know about.

  19. Actually, I think they are the only one and aren't using distributors.
  20. I did find a few, but either they had free shipping but the shifter cost $209, or shipping was like $14.99 making the total purchase more expensive. Plus neither had the extra inner boot.