Tri-ax vs. Pro 5.0 vs. MGW on a T5

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  1. I have run both the Tri ax and the pro 5.0. BOTH are great pieces of hardware. The only complaints I've had about the Tri ax is the weak feeling handle, but you can get a replacement for it that is stronger, it also has pretty smooth engagement and positive stops. The Pro 5.0 is my preference, but the handle is kindda short. so if your tall like me you have to lean forward a little to reach third and fifth. Its is very notchy almost making a clicking sound when you engage a gear a very positive feeling, the solid feel more than makes up for the short handle, I really should say that the short handle is really only an issue on 94 up stangs. I didn't have this complaint on my fox. The steeda is more comfortable for daily driver, but if you are gonna beat on it go Pro 5.0. But, you can't go wrong with either.
  2. Just placed the order for my MGW shifter. Hopefully in a week or less I'll be installing it. I'll make sure to let you guys know how it goes.

    Thanks everybody for the input. Keep giving input though for future reference. :nice:
  3. Base your opinion after a week of driving it.

    I know myself and others have remarked that initial feeling of the shifter "feels odd" but after a week or so we were hooked
  4. I had an MGW and hated it. It lead to the demise of my poor old T5 because it was just too awesome for the T5. The shifts were too sharp and quick for the T5 to handle. Third fell way too easily into place if you just push the shifter forward. It was way too much fun for the old 130k transmission so don't buy one unless you plan on buying a new transmission... Don't say I didn't warn you.
    On a serious note, any shifter is light years ahead of the stocker. You nailed it down to the top 3 so I would personally pick one on options and price. For me the MGW fit the bill because of the adjustibility and clever design behind it. I would buy one again.
  5. what I find funny is that cj pony parts has both the pro50 and triax on clearance right now lol... I considered that but still went with the mgw and time is going so slow because I want it now!
  6. the pro 5.0 is a really old design, dosent hold a candle to the tri-ax, and the inner bushings can fail at any moment (mine did) I used to work for steeda, but that dosent matter, the tri-ax is really good, and free rebuilds if it ever does give up, (ive only seen 2 come back). I currently run a mgw with the silver handle, and a pool ball on top, it feels so much better than anything out there, and its a strong mother as well.
  7. I already miss banging gears. should i do a 5 speed swap?
  8. A mustang with a stick shift is as american as apple pie :flag: !
  9. I keep kicking myself for waiting 10 years before 5-spd swapping my car
  10. Anybody who has gotten the MGW shifter know if it comes with a gasket? Or should I order AmericanMuscle's gasket?
  11. It's comes with rtv, that's pretty much how I have done them.
  12. No gasket here...mine was quiet
  13. and rtv is a better option than the gasket? better seal?
  14. I did the swap in my 93 GT back on '02 I think, maybe '01 because the stupid AOD lost OD. I went from 14.84 to a 13.80 it was the best mod next to the SC!
  15. I have shifted the MGW in 03/04 Cobras but never behind a T-5. I like the Pro 5.0 alot and the Steeda is nice as well. In my LX I have the Hurst handle/plate kit with the Pro 5.0 but have yet to drive it with that combo.
  16. one con already for mgw. they're taking too damn long!!! got an email yesterday that they're waiting from a part from the platers and it won't ship until next week... :( so excited I already removed the shifter bezel and center console to get at it. now I'll have to wait longer. the good thing is I'm sure it'll be worth the extra wait.
  17. couldn't tell you really since i never used the gasket before but it should work w/o a problem. I really just used rtv and called it a day, never an issue with it. give the gasket a try if you want but the shifter comes with the rtv so no added cost.
  18. I think the gasket offers better noise reduction. Rtv might not isolate the shifter for the trans as much as a gasket does.

    But in a mustang, I never noticced noise with rtv on any of the shifters I have run.
  19. Another question or two:

    I found a shifter with all the packaging and everything, looks brand new. The guy will sell it to me with the inner boot for $160. Since supposedly they're still waiting for parts before they ship the shifter to me, does anyone think they would give me any problems trying to cancel the order? payment hasn't even gone through or anything.

    also, I guess when this car was converted to 5 spd the previous owner wasn't very careful in modifying the opening in the floor...was it necessary at all to mutilate it this way? Any ideas on how I can fix this? maybe weld in some metal and recut the hole? my car had no metal trim piece around the shifter base and no inner boot. would it go on ok with my floor opening like this?