Trick Flow® R-Series Intake Manifold for Ford 351 Windsor

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by mustang6075, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. like the title says. but comes with a 70mm bbk throttle body, and a set of upper gaskets. changing to carb setup so don't need it anymore. 500.00

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  3. make offer need to sell!!!
  4. nice, one of these days I'm gonna upgrade to the windsor. If you dont mind answering a few questions; what heads/cam did you run? stroker? would it run on the stock ecu? and what was your quurter mile times?
  5. 11 to 1 357 heads are dart sr. cam was xe274h, now xe284h and computer was a9p with sct chip that is also for sale. 398whp. ran 13.00 at 118mph with crappy 2.55 60ft street tires. and tremec 3550. makin it more of drag car now. going carb and c4 now.
  6. nice, I wanna 393 or 408 stroker, the 5.0 truck lower match's the holley systemax upper intake, I wish they made the same design on the 5.8s. I'd love to have like 400cubes and have the motor look identical to the motor I have now.
Thread Status:
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