Trick Flow 2V N/A 408hp on Horse Power T.V.

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  1. so getting my stock heads worked would be just as good as getting TF heads?
  2. Didn't they say they ran it with comp cam stage 1s or something like that. If that is the case I don't see why any other cam wouldn't fit.
  3. It might be. We need to see the results of the TF heads on the car.
  4. You may be right, I have it DVRd. Ill go check it. BRB
  5. Nope, they never said what cam. They did say the intake valve was fliped to the other side of the cam so that tells me you need TF heads specific cams. I am sure they have the specs for different applications and then just have comp cut you one :shrug:
  6. no it uses the standard modular cams
  7. look it's simple.

    ported pi=225
    ported npi 230?
    tfs= 257 cnc ported
    96 4v=233
    99 4v=231
    03 4v=234
    05 3v=215

    there is a world of difference between 90cfm at .100 and 120cfm

    low lift flow is superior all the way to max.

    so you have heads available that outflow all stock 4v's.
    look around at how much power non-ported 4v's make. thats how much the TFS heads will make.

    make all the power of termi's blown. at very low boost. a turbo 4v can flow 55 pounds per minute (487hp) easily a 6psi. 400hp at 4.5 psi. crank numbers.

    the TFS heads are going to raise VE high enough to approach good 4v and therefore the kind of boosted hp 4v has with a mild combo.

    these heads with stock cams, killer intake(reichard and such) and a turbo will be awesome. mild driving but serious hp.

    IMO looking back because of purchases made to discourage others is looking through blinders like pushrod guys used to do.
  8. The original numbers from Trick Flow were
    233/175 @ .500
    241/177 @ .550
    236/180 @ .600 as cast.
    Based on that you should see more than 257 from cnc porting.
  9. I dont recall them saying they used their stage 1 cams. I could be wrong.... Im looking at it this way one set on trickflow heads with a little touch from fox lake, one trickflow intake manifold, one set of cams (better than trick flows) maybe hi tech stage 2, on top of a 5.0 stroker bottom end should make a hair over 400 to the tire. That is one fun reliable street car. No belt slip, no blower bearings going bad, no blower/turbo seals to go bad, no other issues that comes with forced induction. Just turn the key beat on it everyday take home your 11 second slips beat on it some more for a good long time.
  10. So you're saying spark plug placement, cumbustion chamber design, 2 valves over 1 all wont affect power, just cfm?
  11. I'm planning on these Trickflow heads when I go through my bottom end later this year...

    For now, 401/467 at the wheels - $2600 and change (No, it's not the Tork Tech kit LOL)...

  12. 1. bench racing

    1. To discuss the possible quarter-mile elapsed time (E.T.) of a car based on a list of modifcations or horsepower estimate.
    2. To discuss the estimated output (in horsepower) of one engine versus another based on lists of modifications done to each engine.
    3. To discuss "which is faster?" or "Which would win in a race?" between two cars, based on 1 and 2 above.
    Enough with the bench racing you stupid no0bs!



    Just end this thread until people install them.....

    BTW Its ok to be scared of the 2V
  13. Now the 96-98 can possibly be feared with these heads. Thanks trick flow.:D
  14. Yeah, thats about a 30% horsepower difference by the time it gets to the wheels right there.
  15. And according to trickflow the 38cc is for the pi and the 44c is for the npi. Hooray now we can compete. Npi ftw!
  16. good job, you know how to use google!:nice: Thank you for googling the word "bench racing" and bringing it to the aftermarket head thread, next time reference it, ya big racer.......... Noobs? Get lost, some good info going on in here about the new heads, flow numbers, projections, etc.

    Urban Dictionary: bench racing

    I think these heads will perform great, just a bit a bit late to the party, as I said earlier. The RD price of designing these heads vs. pushrod motors is so much more.