Trick Flow 2V N/A 408hp on Horse Power T.V.

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  1. Hey All im saying is that there are TOO MANY HATERS about these heads out there, also I really dont think its "too late" for these heads since there is a 100:1 ratio car/truck when it comes to the 2v head vs 3v and 4v. We dont know how much these heads will make and doing all this silly "bench racing" Just ends up into a pointless thread just like over Get in Line! Trick Flow 2v heads coming! - Page 3 - Tons of people that want to try the heads out,but they are told by others just to go buy a 4v or a superchanger (or a z06), most of which have already blew there money on other things and now are jealous of others to build a badass 2v mustang..... Im done say what you want, I dont care.
  2. Easy need for anyone to get testy.
  3. Wished I had filed patent on that head design back in 04 when I contacted TFS about seeing if it could be made.....
  4. Have some lead paint chips for breakfast did we? :rlaugh:
  5. I not lol, no biggie though. What I wanted to accomplish then has been accomplished now which was to make the 2V cylinder head into the cylinder head it should have been from Ford. Just talked to TFS and they said these babies should be ready in 3-4 weeks!
  6. Sorry mang, you know how the net is and I don't know you so :shrug:

    Now I see you are not pulling my leg. Good job, you coulda made a few bucks had you patented that. :rlaugh:
    So what kind of work do you do? Are you an engineer?
  7. if i buy a house like i plan, ill use part of my 8000 stimulus to get a set of these. i been looking for a reason to get more serious with my stang.
  8. I work for Mercedes Benz on the assembly line and port cylinder heads as a hobby. I was porting a set back in 04 when I started lookin at that crazy intake port thinkin WTF. I understand about the internet thing, I am dumber sometimes reading some of the BS thats spew'd on forums lol.
  9. They hope to be shipping by the end of May. Let me tell you, these heads are really great! You get ~240cfm OUT OF THE BOX! Revised intake valve location allows greater PTV amount...which means BIGGER CAMS. :D You also get GREATER low lift flow vs ported stock heads...which gives you great low end torque increases. These heads with a little hand port have been to 260cfm...and with some good work and a larger intake valve...290! Thats 50-60 CFM over the BEST CNC ported PI head. With these heads, TFS intake and good cams (I am already doing 2 more N/A desgins because these heads can handle much larger cams) 350+rwhp will be the norm. That is one heck of a 2v N/A beast! :nice:
  10. Trickflow heads paired up with CMS cams:hail2:
  11. No doubt! The intake valve angle was all wrong on the production pieces for alot of reasons and by rotating the valve over to the other side it cures alot issues. The "figure 8" combustion chamber also offers alot better quench on the piston too. Just gotta say Im not trying to take anything away frop TFS by any means, they did all of the R&D along with the engineering to take on such a task of moving all of that around on a new casting.
  12. At 100% VE a 4.6l will need to turn around 7200 RPM to use 240 cfm and around 9000 RPM to use 300 cfm.

  13. :nice:

    I agree, just disagreed as to the bench racing comment. Will keep on topic, B.
  14. along with cams, what else would you have to modify in a 2v to compensate for these heads?
  15. I want someone to do an all out 5.4 build with these heads.

    Im torn between getting the tork tech kit or building up a 5.4 when the time comes. Im really leaning to the 5.4 just to be different. Pop the hood and it looks like a fairly stock 4.6 :D
  16. What I want to know, is how these new heads will be on a daily driven vehicle? I don't doubt that they're great for making horsepower, but how are the for your average driver? I know when you modify a set of NPI/PI heads extensively and remove the emissions mask around the intake valve to improve flow, low rpm air speed and efficiency are diminished greatly and throttle response and fuel economy take a nose dive.

    I notice that these heads have no emissions mask cast into them. I realize the valve placement may improve things, but until these heads are actually tested long term on a street car, I'll remain skeptical with regards to their streetability.

    I'm all for making horsepower, but not if it means my fuel economy is going to drop 5-10mpg across the board under normal driving conditions because of it. :shrug:
  17. Nothing.:nice: except a dyno tune.

  18. NICE!!!!