Trick Flow 2V N/A 408hp on Horse Power T.V.

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    Ithink it's great that there is an aftermarket 2v head now, and I know we don't buy our cars for mpg, but even slapping a blower on stock heads and making more power doesn't reduce mpg by that much, especially if you stay out of boost when not necessary :shrug:

    Either way these are sick, and might make their way onto my car in 4+ years when I graduate and they're cheaper :D
  2. It’s not going to be a necessity to make them fit, but I would imagine you'd be going through a lot of trouble and money for nothing going with anything less than a high flow aftermarket intake/throttle body and a good set of 1 5/8 to 1 3/4 headers (Long tube ideally) and high flow mid-pipe and after cat.

    I'm sure it wouldn't be as extreme by comparison, but it would be running a set of ARF 205 on an OHV engine, but leaving all the rest of the stock hardware in place.

    In short, unless you're planning on upgrading ALL of your supporting hardware to sustain the kind of airflow these heads capable of moving, you're probably wasting your with them.
  3. Agreed, but so many of us have already upgraded (to varying degree) the air in/out part of the equation outside of the engine. Finally, something to make my K&N filter make 20hp! :D

    btw, I assume these heads have better (more) spark plug threads. Hopefully plug blowout is a thing of the past with these heads.
  4. I believe you are correct. Thats worth some money right there!

    I'm so glad Trick Flow has finally come through for us. I think these heads will really help get our 2vs to new levels (NA or blown).
  5. i couldnt agree more.these heads are good for a few reasons,the removeable/replaceble cam journals is an excellent idea,no more **** head just because of 1 **** journal,just replace it.also they are drilled to accept both 11 and 13/14 bolt valve covers,and the valves have been arranged diff and the combustion chambers are diff to begin with and come in varied sizing.BUUUUTTTT,also realize that like stated cars are already making these kinds of numbers with whats out car made 318 with the mods in my sig,stock lower intake,8.5:1 compression and i just found out i had leaky valves and **** springs.these heads are good out of the box and can be ported way bigger then a factory casting but really they are comparable to a stage 2 flowing head when they come out of the my car is running full belt with a/c,tensioner,alt,p/s and such.those numbers are not that impressive for what they have,prob a high compression motor too and torque seams a tad low.

    just my 2cents
  6. well i have bbk EL shortys and BBK O/R X with American thunder two chamber flowmasters. think thats enough flow for the exhaust? i know LTs would make more sense. I would buy a new intake with these badboys anyway. maybe just slowly build my pile of stuff and install it all in a weekend. :) im starting to get into this performance enthusiast hobby alot more. *mod bug attack* :shrug:
  7. ya i contracted that bug years ago and just cant seem to get rid of it. lol!
  8. Yep..out of the box they are perfect for an aggressive street/strip car! Ported they are perfect for a nasty 2V N/A race set-up!
  9. Jim,

    How much power are these heads making with your Stage 2 n/a cams?
  10. Now if you slide a 5.4l in with these head, At 100% VE it will only need to turn around 6100 RPM to use 240 cfm and around 7600 RPM to use 300 cfm. Now both could be streetable. :D
  11. I have the TF's on order....

    Well, I have had the TF's on order for 6 weeks now and they keep pushing back the date.:mad: These heads should go nice with the new parts I have already recieved for my '00 Twin Turbo Mustang 2v.

    I have the following parts:
    *HP Performance twin turbo kit (2 - 50mm turbo's), k-member, intercooler, coilover suspension.
    *MMR 950 stroker shortblock (5.0L stroked cobra block)
    *Elderbrock Victor Jr Intake w/ 75mm Accufab Plemun
    *MMR Stage II Turbo cams
    *TKO 600 5sp Tranny (Powerglide would have been better I know)
    *Spec stage III Clutch set

    Parts I need:
    *Complete fuel system
    *Fuel injectors

    What kind of power should I make?:shrug:
  12. What amount of boost will you be running? :shrug:

    Anywhere from 800 - 1200 HP (flywheel) depending on parts and boost level and still be very streetable :D
  13. I plan on a set of these, the matching TF cams, a 5.0 stroker forged bottom end, and my meth cooled FRPP roots blower on top of it. 9PSI through that with my exhaust and supporting mods, hello 400+ streetable RWHP.
  14. these heads are part of a build I would like to do. I just still dont think I can reach my goal of 400rwhp. Im looking to run low 11's @ around 120ish all motor. My plan was a 5.4 bottom end trick flow heads comp 270's with trickflow intake. Cobra R hood should clear. The problem of lack of long tubes may put the power I want on the table. FRPP shortys seem to be the only option. I have not been impressed with current 5.4 swap power and track times. Maybe these heads are whats needed to breath for the power I want. Might even be able to hang with some chevy's.
  15. A 5.4 with these heads and the TF intake with some good cams and a 5-speed I bet you see 420+ rwhp. :nice: A little spray will push you past 500 :banana:
  16. to bad these motors are a pain to work on I can tear a foxbody apart.....these mod motors scare me....
  17. Corrected it for you...
  18. I thought the main reason the 5.4L 2v's don't make that much power is because the heads don't flow enough. Wouldn't that be resolved with these new heads? I don't see why 400 rwhp wouldn't be attainable with these heads and the appropriate supporting mods on a 2V 5.4.
  19. They are already making more then that on a 4.6 :shrug:
    So that is not a correction on your part. :nono:
  20. I agree. We've seen numerous threads with dyno sheets even of people with 300-320 rwhp with most of the bolt ons so I don't see how with most of the bolt ons and the TF heads you couldn't be pushing 340-360 rwhp. And thats on a 4.6, it stands to reason that a 5.4 should be able to get close to or over 400 rwhp.