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  1. From Ken at Modular Depot:

    "It was hard to keep this secret as long as we have, but now have the go ahead to spill the beans! Trick Flow is releasing a brand new 2v head and it's what we've all be waiting on.

    They flows over 240cfm out of the box!

    Exhaust valve is swaped with where the exhaust lash adjuster was. This allows much higher lift cams on stock shortblocks. The best news is, this modifcation was done and still uses a standard PI cam design so all the cams for the PI heads will work with these heads.

    The cam towers bolt on. This means in the event of damage to one of the cam towers (oiling problem etc) they can be swapped out, this problem no longer trashes the whole head!

    The heads are drilled to accepted both windsor and romeo valve covers!

    These heads will be available first quarter of 2009. They have already been on a development car for 6,000 miles so these heads are not just a concept, they are real.

    The demand for these heads are expected to be high. Final pricing has not been set but expect them to be competitive with fully loaded PI heads coming out of the top shops out there."

    Flow Numbers:


    Twisted Wedge PI SVO
    lift CFM vs. PI vs SVO
    0.1 56.2 51 54 10.20% 4.07%
    0.2 122.5 102 106 20.10% 15.57%
    0.3 172.7 138 155 25.14% 11.42%
    0.4 212.6 153 177 38.95% 20.11%
    0.5 233.3 156 193 49.55% 20.88%
    0.55 241 159 203 51.57% 18.72%
    0.6 236.3 160 206 47.69% 14.71%
    0.65 241.7


    Twisted Wedge PI SVO
    lift CFM
    0.1 42.6 49 46 -13.06% -7.39%
    0.2 95.9 84 90 14.17% 6.56%
    0.3 134.8 107 119 25.98% 13.28%
    0.4 164.4 123 134 33.66% 22.69%
    0.5 174.6 133 140 31.28% 24.71%
    0.55 177.4 136 141 30.44% 25.82%
    0.6 180.1 138 143 30.51% 25.94%
    0.65 182.3

    Thought I would share the info with everyone! Man...I may start saving for a N/A 2v to just have right now. :nice:
  2. AWESOME! GREAT news for the 2V guys thats for sure! Nice port job and they will be flowing better than 4V heads!
  3. Real good new but is this head little too late ? As 2010 mustang gt are comming.
  4. Any info on the spark plug holes??? Are they gonna have more threads, so the 4.6L 2V engine will stop blowing the plugs out??? That'd be nice.
  5. I just asked on another board, so we will see what info we get. :nice:
  6. Bout damn time.:nice:
  7. Yeah, but there are still alot of power hungry 2 valves out there!:D
  8. can't wait to see some dyno numbers!
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  9. That is totally awesome man, I know I will be checking them out! I plan on keeping my '99 for a long time. :nice:
  10. Oh hell yeah!

    I might wait and go N/A afterall!!!
  11. I live in vegas but have to work, buddy of mine is at sema now . I told him to go see the head , he just called me saying he saw it. He is going to email me pic tonight , asap I will post picture here.
  12. I've heard a rumor that a test car made around 370rwhp with these heads and were NOT ported. The car had comp 270's on it....

    however, I would guess that these heads will not sale very well. The short term enthusiasm will probably be great, but with the 2010 platform coming out, it will make it tough over the long haul. Of course, mustang boards and hardcore guys will love this, but the average joe that picks up a 4-10k car is unlikely to spend 3000-4000+ for heads, cams, install and tune. Too bad this head wasn't out 10 years ago...
  13. 370 on a N/A 2V???????????????????????????????????????????//

    i just dont see how that is possible. it took me 10 psi to make that much power!!!
  14. time will be the determining factor.

    From KenB of modular depot

  15. it possible, a member here"TGJ" made like 360 rwhp with ported npi's through an auto........
  16. here they are.....




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  17. I've also heard these heads come loaded with nice valves, and will be priced under 2000 grand. A cheaper, better head fully put together for around the same price as a set of ported fox lake or other PI heads.
  18. wow, look how they have the valves angled:hail2:
  19. ohhhh...them are sexy
  20. i cant wait to see a 400rwhp N/A 2v :drool: