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  1. numbers like that are VERY suspect when MD and tim barth say otherwise.
  2. FELLAS THIS OPENS UP THE 5.4 2V MARKET. THE HOLD-UP WAS FLOW AND DYNAMICS. THAT IS OUT THE WINDOW. edelbrock and hardballr intakes will feed 330 cubic inches.

    so ls-1's will have to watch out for these in little 96-04 stangs. especially in ported form.

    and i rarely run into 9 second LS-1 at the strip ot street. i lose to some i beat some. but none are 9 sec. i will calculate the max hp/rpm for 240 cfm in 330 2v.
  3. here is his quote from another thread, and i have talked to him before about it, oh and its a npi.....

  4. The HP for your Cylinder Head Flow of 240 is 493.45 at a RPM of 7,649.46 for your engine size of 330 CID

    that is of course theoretical. but you get the idea. supporting mods and 330 means bad to the bone.
  5. The HP for your Cylinder Head Flow of 240 is 493.45 at a RPM of 8,983.36 for your engine size of 281 CID

    that's for 4.6. a tunnel ram would be needed for that kindof number, but you know the 2v pros are after that one.
  6. all the cubes do at this point is lower the rpm band needed to reach full potential.
  7. how are you finding that out?
  8. i had a buddy back home that had a foxbody with full, i mean FULL, bolt-on N/A 5.0 that made ~450 RWHP :eek: he had the dyno sheet and everything, i don't know what he had in it because i dunno much about 5.0's, but I remember calling him out on the numbers and him showing me dyno sheets and whatnot.

    FWIW, he couldn't really road trip much because he only got like 8MPG lol
  9. I gotta say, I am very excited about these heads. I will use my ported nonPIs til they are maxed and then see what these things have to offer. We will all hopefully see in a few months.
  10. Almost no lsx cars run mid 8's in houston at our tracks. Most NA, are deep in the 7's and upper 6's.

    We should just chalk it up as a great milestone in 2v performance. I hope these heads perform great. It would be nice to see some 115-120 trap speeds in an NA 2v.
  11. This is awesome, I wish this was 5 years ago but ohh well. 185cc runners FTW!! That right there is going to make great power! Now does anyone want to buy my heads :)?
  12. Wonder how these heads would work on an NPI motor…..compression wise.
  13. They will bump it up like the PI headswap does.
  14. There are two combustion chamber sizes as well.
  15. Both will bump the compression on a NPI car...
  16. i'll give ya $100.:D

    these new trickflow heads are making me want to spend money on the stang again. i would like to combine them with the BBK SSi intake if it ever comes out. with a good set of cams, i think i could make a nice broad torque curve before the boost hits hard.
  17. well those fellows who own blown 2v's will have instant termi power. of course 340cfm stage 3 04 heads are king. but in stock form they'll be killers.
  18. no more of this" 8psi with 350rwhp" crap. 8 psi will get everything a stock headed termi will get.
  19. if i wasnt commited i would definitely use them.
  20. btw i know about his motor. (tgj)