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  1. you don't think that you could get rid of your PI heads? It would be great to see you slap them on since you are only of the most knowledgeable 5.4 guys.
  2. i have 3 valve heads on mine. with the 3 angle and pocket porting mine should be equal.
  3. well one thing is for sure. 5.4's will be dominant with these heads and one of those intakes.
  4. Finally, a company that did some heavy research on the 2v to make it better. There is hope out there....I can't wait to see it on a motor in action.
  5. Wow, wish I knew this 3 months ago. Just had Livermore do a full porting and valve job. Have to say that so far the horsepower increase is amazing. If these heads are close to that, then they should sell like hotcakes.
  6. billfisher,

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    Anyway, any idea on when we'll know a concrete price on these heads besides "roughly 2g"?
  9. congrats on big "#1"!!!
  10. Some more info,
  11. ^Holy cow....257 CFM right out of the box! Vs 160 CFM stock...:rlaugh: thats a HUGE jump. I think ill have to slap a pair of these on the ole GT when I get her back :D
  12. Damn those look good.
  13. I think the cfm is closer to 240
  14. Thats what I heard at first...but that add clearly shows 257 CFM :shrug:
  15. ha yea it does:shrug: Maybe they were just giving an estimate for what normal apps will be flowing?
  16. i dont think any street modular would ever see .600's lift
  17. huh? .600 is no problem on a street car. More Duration is when streetability starts going to ****. Look at all of the small blocks running 600 lift cams who run around on the street.

    I already started my new engine plans with these heads!!!
  18. my comp cams xe270ah is 550 lift.
  19. +1 .600 will work fine....but up until now it was pointless due to the crappy 2V heads. NOW these heads will be able to flow and actually be useful to lifts that high. :nice:

    Gas milage may suffer quite a bit though LOL.
  20. Still crying about my engine, Bill?:shrug:

    Are you sure MD has said that about my car? Close friends of KenB have been known to call you an idiot/moron when you first started crying about my engine out performing your 5.4 3V...

    Now my car originally made 294 RWHP, 320 RWTQ un-corrected on a Mustang Dyno in Orange, Texas with little run time on the engine. The SAE correction factor for that time in Orange was 1.027, manual calculating it with the weather data from the time the car was on the Dyno.

    SAE Corrected on the Mustang Dyno, the car made 302 RWHP, 329 RWTQ.

    It is a well known fact that a properly calibrated Mustang Dyno will show 8 - 12% less RWHP/RWTQ than the same corrected/uncorrected Dyno-Jet in Inertia mode will.

    My Uncorrected numbers for a Dyno-Jet would be ranging from 318 - 330 RWHP and 346 - 358 RWTQ.

    SAE Corrected, they would range from 326 - 338 RWHP and 355 - 368 RWTQ.

    You were told that by very close friends of KenB's who know a thing or two way back when you first started crying about my car.

    Are you are telling me that an engine that made between 326 - 338 RWHP with next to nothing for run time and a restrictive dual exhaust system can not achieve 10 - 22 RWHP with about 10,000 - 12,000 miles on it and a non-restrictive exhaust system? If you are, well... I will leave it at that.

    It is well known that when my car had it's Big-Bore installed, the car ate an accessory belt on the drive down to Texas and that it started to eat the brand new one on the way home and I have had problems with accessory belts. It took almost 2 years to find that the Power Steering pump was the problem. That PS Pump may have played a factor in the original numbers as well.