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  1. He doesn't listen to dyno numbers.

    TGJ, keep us updated. Are you on the list for a set yet?
  2. The Crower's I have in my car have .581" lift on both sides. Logan Motorsports recommend .600" lift in most of their camshafts. They claim it helps with low end torque and upper end hp with better driveability than big duration camshafts.
  3. Yes, I am on the list to get a set...
  4. The TFS heads stock flow 240 CFM stock, that 257 CFM is a CNC ported set. That info I got confirming that was from Gregg @ TFS.
  5. TSS:nice: Heard nothing but praise when it comes to tuning the modulars

  6. settle down. i dont care what you make. you will not compare to these heads no matter what SVO this or that you do. that was the point. and i could also care less that you make more power. with a good intake (which doesnt exist) i would murder your numbers.
  7. You flat out questioned my cars current numbers saying that it wasn't possible and tried using KenB and Tim Barth to help you out. I addressed your concerns.

    Who said I was not going to these new heads? I have not ruled that out and I am on the list to get these new heads...

    As for you murdering my numbers, you said that over 2 years ago and you still are not even close...
  8. Dan and Craig know their stuff. I hope to be down there again in January, we will see what happens though.
  9. does triangle tune LSX cars?
  10. I know they have tuned a few late model GM cars( Grand Prix GTPs ), but I don't know if they have ever tuned a LSx car. Your best would be to contact them.
  11. The other thing that guys have to realize, is that even with the newer stangs out, people still mod 2v's. Did you see the 5.0 market shut down when the mod motors came out? No. All this is going to do is not only offer us one more option, but also have other manufacturers look to us as a potential for profit when this head sells. So this will kick start other gusy to start kicking out heads for us. Remeber the days when nobody could find any manifold besides a Bullit? Now a year and change later we have 4 or 5 options.
  12. Very true. I had been tempted to get rid of my GT for a 2010, but now that we have more options for our motors (with more coming I'm sure), I think I'll hang on to it.
  13. 2v GT's are going to rule mostly. i can see the suprise of a late model getting the crap beat out of him by a 2v n/a, and a stock headed termi getting whopped also by an eaton 2v.