Trick Flow Heads on the Market!!!11

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  1. WOOHOO!!!

    New issue of Summit Racing catalouge, TF heads for 4.6/5.4 $1,995.95 in either a 34c, or 44cc combustion chamber, fully assembled!


    So who is on the list to get some? I want numbers!!!
  2. they 2v or 4v?
  3. they are for the 2v.... i believe im going to get a set. but im going to wait a few weeks untill i see some #'s
  4. My heads cost half that, so they better flow as much as heads+cams+LT's
  5. The twisted wedge heads are a big step forward for us (finally). Way better than any other 2v heads weve ever had available. I believe they flow 240cfm from the box, and can be ported to flow a lot more. There will an "R" version of the heads later this year also. I am definately buying a set, and may combine it with the Trick Flow cams and intake. Its going to be MUCH easier to make NA power than ever before.

    Wierd how stangnet hasnt had a lot of talk about them... its all over the other forums.
    The guys at modular depot have them already. We should see independent dyno numbers in the next few weeks.

  6. Bear in mind that Patriot stage 3 ported heads only flow 225cfm!! These new heads are nasty.:nice:
  7. it does seem like y ou have to spend a lot of money to get n/a power though. even with these new heads its going to cost around 3k to do heads/cams/tune to see what maybe 330 rwhp? i guess dyno numbers will tell but it seems like a lot. im buying new heads regardless because mine are fubar
  8. anyone wants some ported stock heads????
  9. The number I saw were 241/177. For a 4.6l to be able to use this flow it will need to turn 7200-7400 RPM.

    Let me add a 5.4l will only need to turn 6100-6300 RPM.
  10. I looked through the catalogue last night and didnt see them. All I saw was the Cleveland heads in the new section. What page were they on?

  11. if those numbers are real, i'd be satisfied. that would be like 260rwhp on the stock engine and 345rwhp with the cams/intake. i wonder what stage 2 cams would look like?
  12. yea my fox lake stage 2 heads only flow 225, but at the price i will be selling them for it will still be a great deal for someone who doesnt want to drop alot of cash on the trick flows! :D (need to replace with trick flow)

    what is the difference in the combustion chamber sizes...what effect does it have.?
  13. Simulated 1/4 mile from TFS-CNC Graph Shifting at 6800
    60 Foot ET = 1.80
    1/8 Mile ET = 7.75
    1/8 Mile MPH = 90.92
    1/4 Mile ET = 12.09
    1/4 Mile MPH = 114.38

    Simulated 1/4 mile from TFS-CNC Graph projecting curve to 7400 RPM and shifting there see below
    60 Foot ET = 1.79
    1/8 Mile ET = 7.63
    1/8 Mile MPH = 92.38
    1/4 Mile ET = 11.90
    1/4 Mile MPH = 115.59

  14. would love to see #'s and ET's w/ this new heads+cams & full bolt-ons...

    sadly i can't afford them at the moment....just out of curiosity to those who posted they'd be selling they're ported heads, how much...? PM me if you'd like.
  15. I'm very curious about the heads, but I don't want to have to spin my stock bottom end motor to 7000 to get the power out of the heads. Looks like the peak power/torque has been moved up by about 1250 rpm. Racing would be great with these heads. I'm guessing with the right cams that they would be good for the street? I hardly see 4000+ rpm when I drive on the street, so it looks like the car would actually feel weaker than stock in daily driving. Its awesome that TF has come out with these heads. They look like they will make great power N/A for the 2V. I think it just all comes down to how you drive your car and what you want out of it. I'm still leaning towards the PD blower route because of my time spend under 4000rpm on the street in driving. I've been watching the thread on Modulardepot and I will continue to follow the heads though! :nice:

    Maybe I'll wait on the heads, put the blower on, build the bottom end and slap these babys on top! I can dream... :)
  16. Im sure these heads will make some interesting numbers with a blower...
  17. Anyone else have a problem with them claiming the stock 4.6 made 300 crank hp. IMO, that shows that all of their #'s are unreliable. Just my $0.02.
  18. Page 7, May-June issue...:nice:

    Yes, I agree. Unless that engine was ran without accessories, the tune and longtubes (which were probably on the engine if it was on an engine stand).
  19. Who knows if it was stock, just says stock intake. At the least we know it has an aftermarket tune per the dyno description.

    My .02 is that I put together stage 2 PI's at 230/200 (still wont make as much power as TFS, cfm is just one factor) for $985 - now my guess is I wont see the true benifits from the heads untill psi is throw it's way soon. I'm going to geuss the same for the TFS heads, what they do at atmospheric pressure I'm not too interested in.