Trick Flow Heads on the Market!!!11

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  1. At the top of the graph it says "Ford 4.6L stock".

    Don't get me wrong, I hope these heads do turn out to be what they say they are. Also, once they start porting these heads, who knows what kind of #'s they can produce!
  2. I though that was saying stock compression:shrug:
  3. Yeah, you might be right. Its just not very clear what exactly they were testing in the 1st chart.
  4. Yup. It was. All the numbers are the motor alone. No loss to drivetrain or accessories. Even the stock setup was SCT tuned for fair comparison so that will have helped too.

    I plan on buying the heads and intake, but I'm not sure what cam to go with. The trick flow cam isn't that aggressive apparently.

    If you forget their numbers and look at relative gains, the the heads, cams and intake gave about 1/3 over stock. A rough guess says that it might bring your stock GT to about 345bhp or 295rwhp or your modded GT somewhere around 330rwhp (just guessing). Its not blower territory, but its decent. The torque is definitely not in blower land.

    We'll just have to wait for rwhp dyno results. It shouldnt take long now theyve shipped them.
  5. Seems pretty awesome esp for an older GT that is paid off and might need a kick in the pants to compete these days.
  6. how do they compare to stock 4v heads?
    not the 351c:nono:
  7. Looks like with heads/cams/TB it doesnt start moving away in power (HP and TQ) than stock HCI until over 4500
  8. was this stage 1 cams?
  9. the question is more like how do they compare to the different variety's of 4v heads...

    96-98, 99-01, 03-04, fr500
  10. its not all about how much air you can flow, its how you use it. Most of the power these heads make is in the combustion camber.