~Trick Flow Kit or PTK turbo~

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mattkimsey, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. I've got a bone stock 5.0(flows and h-pipe) with 80k miles. Which would be best to add to it?
    1. PTK turbo kit $3800 -or- 2. Trick flow engine kit $2050

    I like the idea of having a fresh top end of the motor but I know the HCI would require a lot of other stuff to support it. The hci may end up being $1000 cheaper which is a plus.

    Could I just put on the turbo kit with everything it comes with and run 6psi on my stock motor with the stock t5 and rear gear (2.73)? The website says 8psi would give 425hp-490lb ft so I figure 6psi should put me in the 325-350 rwhp range and put less stress on my motor and trans.

    My car may never see the track but I just want a fun street car with decent reliability.

    Whatcha think?
  2. I dunno if you could run 6psi on that kit, because the internal wastegate spring is probably set at 8psi. You can only turn it up from there.

    8psi on a stock motor should be ok.
  3. Thread from TurboMustangs.com

    Thread from TurboMustangs.com

    ***509 rwhp/626 rwtq STOCK MOTOR 16 PSI***
    -How on God's green earth does a stock motor make 509 rwhp? Well it was a long time coming but well worth the wait. Hats off to HP Performance for making such an awsome kit. It totally suprised me, I figured 450 rwhp at the most, I guess I'm lucky it didn't blow up. It survied the dyno so I'm gonna take it to the track tomorrow night and try not to break anything. Wish me luck.


    -Hey guys, I ran it on the Mustang Dynometer but the pulls where run as Dynojet, so just so everyone knows that was done without a load. The motor has stock unported heads, stock uported intake, stock cam, stock throttle body and stock shortblock. The only thing I have done is put on Cometic MLS head gaskets with ARP bolts and 1.7 roller rockers. I was running 16 lbs of boost on 100 octane unleaded with the timing locked at 20 degrees and the air fuel went from about 11.4 to 11.8 near the upper rpms. I'm gonna run it at 12 lbs of boost on 93 octane and it made 433 rwhp and 571 rwtq with 20 degrees timing. I'm still in shock, I figured I wouldn't have to worry about the block cracking until I did heads/cam/intake on it, so I'm pretty happy with it.

    -I only have a 255 intank and 42 lb injectors, stock lines and rails.
  4. Thats pretty impressive to say the least
  5. I would do the turbo kit first because the way you build a N/A motor and a blown motor is different. I think you will see the best gains with the turbo. It would be a toss up with a S/C.

    I am kind of in the same boat, although I have alot, my setup is rather mild. Right now I am building the suspension and drivelines, but once that is done I will probally go back to the engine. I have some extra shortie headers and am thinking of doing a JYTT setup, then getting some nice big parts, then again I like the whole all motor thing, it's hard to decide.