Trick flow new intake

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 95BLKGT5.0, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. CHECK OUT Trick Flows ne intake on Corral's First Look at Trick Flow's New Intake!

  2. Looks like another high rpm, short runner intake.
  3. FINALLY!!!

    Hope it makes some HP
  4. :jaw:

    Too bad I could never use it... :(
  5. looks nice...cant wait to see some numbers...ill stick with my Eddy though

  6. i'd like to see how well it works on a stock mustang.
  7. Probably not very well, considering the usable rev range of a stock engine compared with that of the intake. I'm not saying it wouldn;t work weel at all, just that with a stock motor you wouldn't be utilizing anywhere close to the potential of the intake.
  8. exactly :nice:
  9. anybody have a firm release date?
    early 2004 could mean summer/fall to trick flow.
    Do you think it will adapt to 94-95 stangs?
  10. I would imagine as with all the other intakes, you will simply need an elbow and then it should bolt right up. Or you could always convery to a fox TB setup.....
  11. i bet you gotta have a big ass cowl hood for that thing too
  12. Wonder how much $$$?
  13. I looked closely at the intake and ?????????????
    I couldn't find any way to bolt the lower front bolt on th elbow on. That bolt inserts backwards from the back side being there isnt a lip it looks like it will not work with a elbow unless you leave that bolt off. Maybe I missing something, Anybody have any ideas for that bolt.
    Other than that I'm very intrested and will be in line to get one.
  14. Anybody??????