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  1. Hello everybody. I have decided to part my mustang out in order to start my next project. What you are looking at here is a set of barely used (2,000 miles if that) Trick Flow R Cylinder Heads. These are the big boy 225 cylinder heads. These heads outflow AFR 225's on the intake and nearly as much on the exhaust. They feature big 2.08 / 1.60 valves. Trick Flows part number is TFS-52400003-C01. The pictures speak for themselves. I hate to do it but its time - The first person to offer me $1,600.00 gets em. Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking!!!!!

    You can check out pics here:
  2. real nice set of heads and a steal at that price. These heads r $2700 new. AFR 225's cannot compare to the R 225's.
  3. Thanks buddy - Hopefully somebody jumps on em.
  4. What springs are on them? What kind of use did they see (street, strip, dyno.......)? Also, you said you're parting out your car, what block were you using and is it for sale?
  5. heads for sale

    are they still for sale ?
    were do you live?
    will they work with my ysi vortech?
    low compression 347
    what size are the valves
    can you give me as much info as possiable on your heads
    [email protected]
  6. hi i just wanted to know if you still have the cilinder heads ?
  7. r heads

    Can i get you to call me about this head. 843-356-2013 bull
  8. very interested sent pm
  9. r heads for sale

    call me need to know price and how to fine u

  10. Dudes... this listing is over 12 months old. Really? :shrug:

    Oh... and welcome to the interwebz! :eek:
  11. hahahaha...holy **** it really,,,i see it now
  12. did not know

    they should have said they was going already
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Not open for further replies.