Trick Flow Track Heat Intake For Sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by harrellv10, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. I am selling a black powder coated Trick Flow Track Heat Intake. It was installed and driven on my 1994 Mustang 347 engine for 300 miles before I switched to the R-Series intake. The intake comes with upper and lower manifolds, a 3/8" phenolic spacer, and gaskets and hardware. Part number is TFS-51511002. It has a 75mm throttle body opening and is rated for a 1500 to 6500 RPM power band. This intake was a STRONG midrange intake on my supercharged 347, but limited the revs to 6300 on the stroker motor. That's why I switched to the R-series. It did make 518 RWHP at 6300 RPM on my engine, though. This intake will be a killer on any 302-347 CID engine, matched with the right parts. $750 new, asking $300. Pics available.
  2. hey give me a call about ur intake 903-277-4101
  3. Where are you located?

    Nevermind, I see your profile location now.
  4. Is this still available? Thanks
  5. Sure is. I also have a brand new Professional Products 75mm throttle body, used Pro-M 83mm MAF, and some other stuff that I need to get rid of. Take it off my hands! The intake is black powder coated and complete with all nuts and bolts, upper and lower manifolds, AND a 3/8" phenolic heat spacer WITH gaskets! Let me know what you need.
  6. You can text or call my cell about it any time. 501-551-1192. Name is John.
  7. Awesome, Im just wondering if it will be good for my setup. My motor is stock and im looking to put a good intake and mild cam in. would this intake work with it or is it better suited for built motors with heads?
  8. Yes, I think this intake would match very well on a stock short block as long as you use a matching cam and get a chip burn/tune to optimize it all, along with some headers and exhaust. Call the guys at Anderson Ford Motorsport for a cam recommendation. They will even estimate your power output with the upgrades and help you choose the right parts. With a 5-speed transmission and about a 3.55 to 3.73 ratio out back, this would make for a very fun combo on a street car!
  9. Ok, ya headers would be nice if i could find some to work with Cali smog requirements. Any ideas where to find a chip or someone to make one?
  10. That should be easy. I'm a huge MAC exhaust fan. I don't know for sure if they will have exactly what you need, but I bet they do. Try them first and if they can't hook you up then I guarantee Summit Racing will have several choices in stock for you. Always get ceramic coated headers! It's more than worth the extra money in the long run!
  11. Ok, do you think for the time being i can put this intake on and notice a difference or will it be to much for stock. Thanks for the info
  12. Yes, you can get away with it for as long as you want. It will shift your RPM range up a little and want to rev higher than stock for sure, but probably won't really boost your power output until you actually match a cam to it and get a proper tune. It'll give it an attitude change, basically, but it shouldn't hurt your low end much, so for a street car that is being modified one piece at a time, I think this is a good piece for you. This intake should work pretty well with stock, mildly modded, and all the way up to seriously modded engines. The only reason I switched it for the R-series on mine was because when you reach the 550-600 HP level this intake is maxed out. For you, it will wake your engine up a little by itself without being too much for you, and still have plenty of room to grow with future mods!
  13. Thanks for all the info. I am very interested. Will i need an elbow for it, or does it come with one. Also do i need the spacer? if so will it fit with my stock hood?
  14. The intake will fit under your stock hood. You do not need the spacer, but I'm including it with the intake becuase what else am I going to do with it? Your car is a SN-95? Then yes, you will need an elbow. Trick flow makes one to match the intake, black powder coating and all. I got mine from Summit Racing. I can't remember what it cost me, but I want to say something like $90. You can get away with the stock intake elbow if you want. You can even take a grinder to it and try to match up the opening a little since the intake TB opening will be larger, but I would do the TFS elbow eventually as it will match the flow and looks and it's not very expensive.

    This intake did cause a clearance issue with my BBK strut tower brace. I have read other people's posts where different brands fit with this intake. You will have to modify a brace to fit with this, go without the brace, or find one that fits with it if you want to use one.
  15. Sounds good. Ill get the money together and get back to you. Thanks
  16. hi how much for the throttle body and 3/8 spacer
  17. Is this still for sale if so send pics of intake and throttle body to [email protected]
  18. Sorry I sold it a couple of weeks ago. How do I remove this ad now that it is gone?
  19. I do still have a Maximum Motorsports Torque Arm and Panhard Bar for sale. Brand new never installed with all hardware and insructions fits 86-04 mustangs and supposedly makes night and day improvement in both straight line drag launch traction and especially in cornering traction. Asking $475 shipped in the lower 48. Someone buy this thing!
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