Trick Flow Vs gt40 Manifold

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  1. which is better I bought the Trick manifold Kit "street" I have stock cam,heads etc. I<m going to use a BBK 65mm TH BDY.... :shrug: Also SHould i go mass air what's the point with stock?????
  2. Both perform well on stock style cars but the GT-40 is limited to porting the lower only in the future.

    What year is the car? MAF is a great thing and really needs to be considered when you start changing the heads and cam.
  3. They are both good intakes. The GT-40 intake is probably better on a mild (stock heads, cam) engine. The TFS may make a little more power on a modified motor over the GT-40. It really depeneds on how modified you go though.
    I run a GT-40 intake on my car and it runs really great. I've thought about swapping to a performer or performer II intake but I'm really happy with how the car is running.
    Mass Air is the way to go. Cars with Mass Air respond to mods much better than SD. So I'm told. Never had a SD stang...
    Hope this helps..
  4. sorry 87 gt
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    Mass Air is the way to go. Cars with Mass Air respond to mods much better than SD. So I'm told. Never had a SD stang...
    Hope this helps..

    Who told you that? I have an 88gt sd with h/c/i, 1.7's, and a 70mm tb that pulls 105.06, and runs 13.228. I was bogging bigtime on the line (new to the strip, need to learn how to launch. I have 255/50/16 bfg drs, and I pulled a 2.0 60ft on the 13.2 run(crappy driving). The only thing I adjusted on the engine was the fuel pressure. The car should run 12's with the right driving, it wieghs 3360 with me in it.

    There is another member on here, I think his name is stock50lx, he runs 12.66 and 110mph, with an 87lx sd that has ported explorer heads and intake, he still has the stock suspension, injectors, and the stock cam. His 60fts are about 1.7 range or so.

    Why would you say that sd is bad? My car runs like a raped ape, and idles as smooth as stock with the crower cam I have. It isnt hard at all to make a sd fly.
  6. i have a gt-40 intake and im extremely happy with it, couldnt ask for anything more
  7. I never said it was bad..I have no experience with SD cars. I'm just going by what I've heard. I know you can make anything fast...But if SD is just as good as Mass Air, why do so many people convert thier SD cars to Mass air? Especially with blowers and turbos...
    the motors from 88-89 are exactly the same besides the 88 being SD, and the 89 being MA. Hp ratings were up between the two years. Ratings are ratings, and paper numbers are just that. I know stock for stock, SD cars may be a little faster (MAF meter being a restriction in the intake...again, nothing to base this on other than what I've been told) Again, if SD was sufficient, why did ford switch to MA? Gas milage? Performance? drivability? All three...
    There is nothing wrong with SD...But from what I've heard and read, mass air is superior....
  8. The Gt-40 upper can be improved. Extrude honed. Its expensive, and really doesn't yield that much more of a gain.
    There are also people out there that cut the dog leg out of the runner between the tb and plenum. Its easier and more cost effective just to by an intake that has higher flow numbers...
    I like my GT-40...
    just thought I'd mention that
  9. How much Hsp will I gain...

    :puke: How much Horspower will I gain From Adding a Trickflow Manifold kit,BBk Throttle body 65MM Stock everything else no smog,87 gt cervinis ram air kit ....would Igain more to upgrade my fuel injectors. :flame:
  10. The 19's will be ok until you swap heads. Even then, you may still be able to get away with them.
    The intake, TB, and a new MAF will add a good amount of power. You'll defiantly notice it. I'm guessing maybe 25-30 hp over stock...
    Anyone else?
  11. The GT40 has smaller cross section runners. For power bands less than 6,250 rpm, the GT40 will probably make more average torque and HP than the larger runner Track Heat.

    You can mod SD quite far, you just have to be careful about your choice of cams. Mean88 - which Crower do you run? The 15511 and the 15510 are favorites in the SD community.