Engine Trickflow Fit Ordered, What Else?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by HDTony, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. I was amassing parts to do the build on my 91, mainly because the oil pan leaks like crazy so I'm pulling the motor to get everything sealed up. figured as long as its out, its never fun dropping a stock motor back in.

    I picked up gt40 heads, trick flow upper intake and a few other things. then i got sick of trying to find and match every part, when it won't be a perfect match. so I said screw it and pulled the trigger on the trick flow kit I really wanted anyway.

    So now that it is ordered, what else am I going to need to make her run right and get all the power out of this upgrade?. Did a few searches and didn't find anything definitive, anyone have any input?
  2. The top end kit? Does that come with heads? You may need larger injectors and the calibrated maf for it as well (I.e. 24s)
  3. What throttle body are you planning to use? Mass air meter? Will you be getting a chip burned for the EEC? Like Mike stated above, your bordering on needing 24lb injectors & matching meter IMHO...
  4. OP,
    Bigger MAF like 75mm (assuming your not speed density), 70mm throttle body, 24# plus bigger in tank fuel pump.

    I'm in a similar boat as the OP. What's the best way to get 24# injectors? Can I go to the local parts store and order Ford explorer blue top injectors and put them on my Mustang? I'm going to send my MAF to ProM to get recalibrated for 24's.
  5. Find injectors off an efi 460 in a truck. They come with stock 24 pound
  6. yes Mike, comes with intake, twisted wedge heads, cam etc.

    Building a fuel injected motor is new to me. I'm used to old school carbs. I built a nasty little 347 for my 65. theres a few threads in the antique forum on that one.

    so I need

    -24 lb injectors
    - larger throttle body
    - Larger maf

    whats the deal with the computers on these? I was planning on taking it to Straightline performance who dyne tuned my 65 for a custom map. can the stock computer be reprogrammed or do I need some sort of add on?
  7. He will need to add a chip and tune the chip I think the stock computers cannot be reprogrammed